Full-time Faculty Directory

Department of Equity Studies

Claudio Anthony Colaguori
Associate Professor

Atkinson College, 328ext. 44009claudioc@yorku.ca

Tania Das Gupta

Ph.D., University of Toronto
M.A., University of Toronto
B.A., University of Toronto

Atkinson College, 310ext. 66345tdasgu@yorku.ca

Racism and Anti-racism , Gender Issues , Class, Employment and Labour, Multiculturalism, Migration, Transnationalism

Minoo Derayeh
Associate Professor

PhD, McGill University
MA, McGill University
BA, Pahlavi University

Atkinson College, 410ext. 30270derayeh@yorku.ca

Gender and Religion, Modernity and Tradition, Islam and Social Justice, Islam and Popular Culture

Lorne Foster
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Sociology, York University

McLaughlin College, 123ext. 33462lfoster@yorku.ca

Multiculturalism , Race and Racism , Political Economy, Youth, Public Policy Analysis

Mark J Goodman
Assistant Professor

Atkinson College, 418ext. 33678mgoodman2@gmail.com

Social Theory; Slavery and Black Experience in the Americas.

Merle Jacobs
Associate Professor

PhD Sociology, York University
MA Sociology, York University
BA Sociology (Hon), York University

Atkinson College, 426ext. 44012merlej@yorku.ca

Health , Sociology , women, political economy

Bonita Lawrence
Associate Professor

PhD - Sociology, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto
M.E.S. - Environmental Studies, York University
B.Sc.- Geology, University of Toronto

Atkinson College, 408ext. 22334bonital@yorku.ca

Aboriginal Peoples , Race and Racism , Aboriginal People and the Criminal Justice System, Federally Unrecognized Native Communities , Urban, non-status and Metis identitities

David McNab

PhD, University of Lancaster
MA in History, McMaster University
BA (Honours) in History, Waterloo Lutheran University

Atkinson College, 440ext. 22423dtmcnab@yorku.ca

Aboriginal History and Literature, Indigenous Thought, Aboriginal Land and Treaty Rights, Canadian Studies, British Imperial History, Canadian History, Ontario History

Haideh Moghissi

Ph.D., Political Studies, Queen's University
M.A., Political Studies, Queen's University
B.A. (Honours), Law and Political Science, Tehran University

Atkinson College, 330ext. 20842moghissi@yorku.ca

Middle East Politics and Culture; Islam and Gender; Human Rights; Diversity, ethnicity and immigration; race relations and policies

Mona Oikawa
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto

Atkinson College, 320ext. 44014oikawa@yorku.ca

Sociology , Gender Issues , Critical race studies, Cultural studies

Livy Visano

PhD Sociology, University of Toronto (Dep't of Sociology)
MA Criminology, University of Toronto (Centre of Criminology)
BA Hon. Social and Philosophical Studies, University of Toronto (St George Campus)

Atkinson College, 318ext. 66317lavisano@yorku.ca

Human Rights , Law and Justice , Impact of Ideology on Institutions and Identity, Social Inequality and Research Methods, Youth