Full-time Faculty Directory

Department of Languages Literatures and Linguistics

Gabriela Alboiu
Associate Professor

SSHRC Postdoctorate, The University of Toronto
Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics, University of Manitoba
ABD in English Linguistics, University of Bucharest
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Bucharest

Ross Building, S541ext. 22574galboiu@yorku.ca

Ellen M Anderson
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S503ext. 88730eandersn@yorku.ca

Philipp S. Angermeyer
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Linguistics, New York University
M.A., Linguistics/Comparative Literature/Eastern European History, Universität zu Köln, Germany

Ross Building, 571ext. 33793pangerme@yorku.ca

Linguistics , Multiculturalism , Multilingualism, Language and Law, Translation

John Peter Avery
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S900ext. 33015pavery@yorku.ca

Romana M Bahry
Associate Professor

Ph.D Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto
M.A. Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto
B.A. (Honours) FRENCH and RUSSIAN, University of Toronto

313 Stong Collegeext. 33563rbahry@yorku.ca

Comparative Slavic ( Russian, Ukrainian, Polish) and English Literature, East Central European Film and Culture. European Studies, Austrian Galicia

Mauro Buccheri
Associate Professor

Founders College, 216ext. 20610buccheri@yorku.ca

Inęs Cardoso
Assistant Professor

PhD , Universidade de Aveiro
Graduation: Teaching of Portuguese, Latin and Greek, Professionalized teacher, Universidade de Aveiro

Ross Building, S510ext. 30385icardoso@yorku.ca

Education , Writing , Portuguese Language Teaching, teacher training, pedagogical tools, written and oral communicative genres, writing research, teaching of writing, writing for professional development, students’ relationship with language/writing/knowledge

Gabriella Colussi Arthur, Ph.D.
Associate Lecturer

Founders College, 235ext. 23094gcolussi@yorku.ca

Italian L2 pedagogy, Italian-Canadian immigration

Maria Joăo Dodman
Associate Professor

Founders College, 226ext. 20963mdodman@yorku.ca

Portuguese and Spanish Golden-Age Literature, Travel Narratives, Contemporary Brazilian Literature: Modernismo and the Northeast Novel

Susan L Ehrlich

Ross Building, S549ext. 66288sehrlich@yorku.ca

Walid El Khachab
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of Montreal
M.A., French & Comparative Literature, University of Cairo

Ross Building, S531ext. 88749walid@yorku.ca

Emily Elfner
Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
MA, University of Calgary
BA (Honours), University of Calgary

Ross S551ext. 33792eelfner@yorku.ca

Phonology, Phonetics, Language documentation

Sheila M Embleton

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Toronto
M.Sc., Mathematics & Statistics, University of Toronto
B.Sc., Mathematics & Linguistics, University of Toronto

Ross Building, S561ext. 88849embleton@yorku.ca

Maria L Figueredo
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Spanish American Literature, University of Toronto
M.A., Spanish Literature, University of Toronto
B.A., International Relations Specialist and Spanish Major, University of Toronto

Ross Building, S414Bext. 20078mfiguere@yorku.ca

Spanish and Hispanic Studies , Latin American and Caribbean Studies , Women's writing, 20th and 21st century Spanish American e-poetries, The relationship of literature and music

Pietro Giordan
Associate Professor

PhD, Université de Montréal
Laurea, Universit:a degli Studi -Venezia

Founders College, 221ext. 55016giordanp@yorku.ca

Eve Haque
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S553ext. 66127ehaque@yorku.ca

Michol F Hoffman
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S504ext. 88734mhoffman@yorku.ca

Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Italian Studies, University of Toronto (2000)
M.A., Italian Studies, University of Toronto (1995)
Honours B.A., Italian and French, York University (1994)

Ross Building, S559ext. 88717roberta@yorku.ca

Italian , Linguistics , Dialectology , Social Media, Literature in dialect

Mihyon Jeon
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S414Eext. 20495mihyjeon@yorku.ca

Ruth King

Ph.D., Memorial University
M.A., Memorial University
B.A., Memorial University

Ross Building, S553ext. 88731rking@yorku.ca

Christina Kraenzle
Associate Professor

Ph.D. , University of Toronto

South Ross, 561kraenzle@yorku.ca

Culture and Cultural Studies , German , transnationalism, memory studies, mobility and migration

Geoff Lawrence
Assistant Professor

Ross Building, S575ext. 88729glawrenc@yorku.ca

Anne-Marie Lewis
Associate Professor

PhD, McMaster University
MA, Rutgers University
BA, Case Western Reserve University

Ross Building, S520ext. 66291amlewis@yorku.ca

Classics , Science and Technology , Literature and Language

Jessica Tsui-yan Li 李翠恩
Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Toronto, Canada
PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Ross Building, S528Aext. 88747jli@yorku.ca

Asian/Pacific Studies , Arts and Culture , Chinese literature, film, drama, culture, Chinese Canadian and Chinese American studies, Hong Kong, China, Translation studies, Gender studies, and diasporic studies

Shanna Lino
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
Hon. BSc., University of Toronto

Ross Building, S505Aext. 88737slino@yorku.ca

Spanish and Hispanic Studies , Film , Noir Fiction, 20th-Century Iberian Theatre, Iberian Migrations

Jia Ma
Associate Professor

S528 ROSS BLDG.ext. 88748jiama@yorku.ca

Culture and Cultural Studies , Asian/Pacific Studies , Christian culture & Christianity in China , Chinese-North American Diasporic Lit, Comparative Literature

Emiro Martínez-Osorio
Associate Professor

PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
MA, The University of Georgia at Athens
BA, Piedmont College

Founders College, 139ext. 66924mosorio@yorku.ca

Barry W Miller
Associate Professor

East Office, C28ext. 55518bmiller@yorku.ca

Gabriele Mueller
Associate Professor

Ph.D., German Film Studies, University of the West of England
Diplomlehrer, Teacher of German and English (equivalent to M.Ed), Leipzig University

S524, Ross Buildingext. 66289gmueller@yorku.ca

Culture and Cultural Studies , Film , Contemporary German cinema, German film history, DEFA, East German studies

Chandan R. Narayan
Associate Professor

AB, UC Berkeley
MA, UC Berkeley
PhD, University of Michigan

Ross Building, S546Aext. 33791chandann@yorku.ca

Linguistics , Speech perception, Cognitive science

Jacqueline Ng
Assistant Professor

Ross S520ext. 66291jwng2009@yorku.ca

Second Language Education, Literacy teaching and learning, Culture and Identity

Shobna Nijhawan
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S570ext. 88725shobna@yorku.ca

Norio Ota
- Select One -

Ross Building, S532ext. 88750nota@yorku.ca

John Picchione
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Italian Language and Literature, University of Toronto
M.A., Major: Italian Language and Literature; Minor: Spanish, University of Toronto
B.A., Italian and Spanish, University of Western Ontario

Ross Building, S521ext. 88744johnp@yorku.ca

Modern and contemporary Italian poetry and narrative, avant-garde movements, literary criticism and cultural theory, modern/post-modern aesthetics

Antonio Ricci
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S523Aext. 88743aricci@yorku.ca

History of the Book, Renaissance Studies, Italian Literature and Culture

Gabriele P. Scardellato
Associate Professor

Founders College, 145ext. 66589gpscar@yorku.ca

Ahouva Shulman
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S573ext. 88727sahouva@yorku.ca

Hebrew Language, Biblical Hebrew grammar

Roberta Sinyor
Associate Professor

B.A., First Class Honours in Italian, McGill University
Ph.D. in Italian, McGill University
B.A. in Computer Science, York University

Ross Building, S530ext. 66126rsinyor@yorku.ca

Linda C Steinman
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S544ext. 88720lstein@yorku.ca

Saskia Van Viegen
Assistant Lecturer

Ross Building, S549ext. 66288saskiast@yorku.ca

Kiyoko Toratani
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S546ext. 20766ktora@yorku.ca

Antonella Valeo
Associate Professor

PhD, OISE/University of Toronto
M.Ed., University of Sheffield
B.A., English Literature, York University
TESOL Certificate, University of Toronto

Ross Building, S540ext. 33794antvaleo@yorku.ca

Post-Secondary Education and Research , Adult Education , second language acquisition, language teaching and learning, teacher education and development

James A. Walker

Ross Building, S551ext. 33792jamesw@yorku.ca

Xueqing Xu
Associate Professor

Ph. D. in literature, University of Toronto
MA. In literature, Fudan University
BA in literature, Fudan University

Ross Building, S506ext. 66300xueqingx@yorku.ca

Noriko Yabuki-Soh
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S526ext. 88746nyabuki@yorku.ca