Full-time Faculty Directory

Department of Economics

Tasso Adamopoulos
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Economics, University of Toronto
M.A., Economics, Queens University
B.A., Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business

Vari Hall, 1036ext. 33269aadamo@yorku.ca

Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, International Economics

Ahmet Akyol
Associate Professor

Vari Hall, 1050ext. 77044ahmet.akyol20d@gmail.com

Risk-Sharing in Environments with Limited Commitment, Effects of Default Option on Self-Employment, Education Subsidies and the Option of Migration

Mahmudul Anam

Vari Hall, 1040ext. 20583manam@yorku.ca

Elie Appelbaum

Vari Hall, 1064ext. 20582elie@yorku.ca

John B Beare
Associate Professor

Vari Hall, 1076ext. 20586beare@yorku.ca

Matthew Brzozowski
Associate Professor

PhD, McMaster University

Vari Hall, 1086ext. 20152brzozows@yorku.ca

Economics , Policy , Public Finance, Demographic economics

Neil Buckley
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Economics, McMaster University
M.A. Economics, Queen's University
B.Arts Sc. Combined Honours Economics, McMaster University

Vari Hall, 1140ext. 77031nbuckley@yorku.ca

Health Economics, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Experimental/Behavioural Economics

Sam Bucovetsky

Vari Hall, 1052ext. 77026bucovetsky1052@gmail.com

Shin-Hwan Chiang

Vari Hall, 1060ext. 77035schiang@yorku.ca

Avi J Cohen

PhD Economics, Stanford University
MA Economics, Stanford University
BA Economics, University of Michigan

Vari Hall, 1072ext. 77046 avicohen@yorku.ca

Economics , HIstory of Economics, Capital Theory, Economics Education

Gordana Colby
Assistant Professor

Vari Hall, 1044gcolby@yorku.ca

Matias Cortes
Assistant Professor

PhD Economics, University of British Columbia
Bachelor in Economics, Universidad de Costa Rica

1088 Vari Hallext. 33987gmcortes@yorku.ca

Berta Esteve-Volart
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Economics, London School of Economics
M.Sc. Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
B.A. Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Vari Hall, 1066ext. 77029bertaev@gmail.com

George B Fallis

Ph. D., Economics, Princeton University
B.A., Political Science and Economics, University of Toronto

Vari Hall, 1048ext. 77027gfallis@yorku.ca

Universities and their roles in democratic, post-industrial societies; Canadian higher education policy., The growth and evolution of the welfare state; Canadian housing policy

Ida Ferrara
Associate Professor

PhD Economics, York Univesity
MA Economics, York University
BA Honours, Economics and Business, York University

Vari Hall, 1136ext. 20583iferrara@yorku.ca

Environmental Economics, Public Economics

George Georgopoulos
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto
MA Economics, University of Toronto
BA Honours Economics, University of Western Ontario

Vari Hall, 1080ext. 30108georgop@yorku.ca

Financial Economics, Business Economics and Strategy, Theory of Multinationals and Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade and Finance, Applied Monetary Theory

Ricardo S Grinspun
Associate Professor

Founders College, 233ext. 77049ricardo@yorku.ca

Wai-Ming Ho
Associate Professor

Vari Hall, 1046ext. 22319waiming@yorku.ca

Joann Jasiak

Vari Hall, 1062ext. 77045jasiakj@yorku.ca

Tsvetanka Karagyozova
Assistant Professor

Contractually Limited Term Appointment,

Vari Hall, 1082ext. 77028tkarag@yorku.ca

Alena Kimakova
Associate Professor

PhD, Brandeis University
M.Sc. , Brandeis University
M.A. , Central European University
B.B.A., Economics University Bratislava

McLaughlin College, 138ext. 66066akimakov@yorku.ca

Political Economy, International Finance, International Trade, Development Economics, Program Evaluation

Ying Kong
Associate Professor

PhD, Carleton University
MPA, School of Public Administration, Carleton University
BSc., Peking University, China

Vari Hall, 1118ext. 30101ykong@yorku.ca

Industrial Organization, Health Economics, International Economics and Business Economics

Nils-Petter Lagerlöf
Associate Professor

Vari Hall, 1056ext. 33785lagerlof@yorku.ca

Fred Lazar
Associate Professor

Seymour Schulich Building, N205Jext. 20252flazar@yorku.ca

Bernard Lebrun
Associate Professor

Vari Hall, 1074ext. 33653blebrun@yorku.ca

Fernando Leibovici
Assistant Professor

Vari Hall, 1034ext. 30106flei@yorku.ca

Xianghong Li
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Ohio State University
M.A., Ohio State University
B.A., Beijing University

Vari Hall, 1068ext. 77036xli@yorku.ca

Empirical Labor Economics, Empirical Finance, Applied Econometrics

Alla Lileeva
Associate Professor

Vari Hall, 1112ext. 20581lileeva@yorku.ca

Kin Chung Lo

Ph.D. (Economics, under the supervision of Larry Epstein), University of Toronto
M. Soc. Sc. (Economics), University of Hong Kong
B. Soc. Sc. (Economics, First Class Honors), University of Hong Kong

Vari Hall, 1070ext. 77032kclo@yorku.ca

Game Theory, Decision Theory

Shameem Chowdhury Mahmoud
Assistant Professor

Contractually Limited Term Appointment,

Vari Hall, 1116ext. 77053cmahmoud@yorku.ca

Sudeshna Maitra
Assistant Professor

Vari Hall, 1038ext. 77052maitra@yorku.ca

Sadia Malik
Assistant Professor

Contractually Limited Term Appointment,
PhD, Kansas State University, USA

Vari Hall, 1094ext. 20532smmalik@yorku.ca

Economics , Health , Institutions and long term development, Income inequality and health

Arman Mansoorian

Vari Hall, 1026ext. 33403arman@yorku.ca

Uros Petronijevic
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Economics, University of Toronto
M.A., Economics, University of Toronto
B.Sc., Financial Economics, University of Toronto

1114 Vari Hallext. 33879upetroni@yorku.ca

Public Economics, Economics of Education, Labour Economics

Andrea Podhorsky
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University
M.A., University of British Columbia
B. Comm., University of Windsor

Vari Hall, 1058ext. 77030andrea@yorku.ca

Environmental Economics, Development Economics, International Trade, Applied Microeconomics

Paul Rilstone

Vari Hall, 1032pril@yorku.ca

Laura Salisbury
Assistant Professor

PhD, Boston University

Vari Hall, 1092ext. 77051lsalisbu@yorku.ca

Ben Sand
Associate Professor

PhD Economics, University of British Columbia

Vari Hall, 1090ext. 20587bmsand@yorku.ca

Economics , Labour , Applied Econometrics

Andrei Semenov
Associate Professor

PhD Economics, Université de Montréal

Vari Hall, 1028ext. 77025asemenov@yorku.ca

Theoretical and Empirical Asset Pricing, Risk Management, Behavioral Finance, Financial Econometrics

J. Barry Smith

Ph.D., University of Western
M.A. , University of Western
B.A. (Hons.), York University

Vari Hall, 1075ext. 20584jbsmith@yorku.ca

John Smithin

Ph.D. in Economics, McMaster University
M.A. in Economics, McMaster University
B.A. (Honours) in Economics, City of London Polytechnic

Vari Hall, 1110ext. 33623jsmithin@yorku.ca

Brenda Spotton Visano

PhD, McGill University

McLaughlin College, 130ext. 20470spotton@yorku.ca

Financial and Monetary Systems , Community-Based Research , Microfinance, Financial Crises

Georgios Stefanidis
Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Minnesota
MSc, University of Warwick

Vari Hall, 1038ext. 77052stefa107@yorku.ca

Andrey Stoyanov
Associate Professor

Vari Hall, 1084ext. 22833andreyst@yorku.ca

Razvan Sufana
Associate Professor

PhD Economics and Finance, University of Toronto
MA Economics, McMaster University
BA Computer Science, West University of Timisoara, Romania

Vari Hall, 1030ext. 66065rsufana@yorku.ca

Economics , Financial and Monetary Systems , Derivative Pricing

Henry Tam
Associate Professor

PhD Economics, Harvard University
BA Economics-Political Science and Physics, Columbia University

Vari Hall, 1042ext. 30112thenry@yorku.ca

Economics , Technological Change and Development, Financial Economics, Corporate Governance

Adam Wilczynski
Assistant Professor

Vari Hall, 1054ext. 20577wilczyns@yorku.ca