Full-time Faculty Directory

Department of English

Vermonja R Alston
Associate Professor

Atkinson College, 414ext. 33848valston@yorku.ca

Latin American and Caribbean literature (in English, French, and Spanish), Indigenous North American literature, Multiethnic literature of the United States, literary and cultural theory, theories of transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, and diaspora, performance studies, environmental justice literature, and legal theory

Ian G Balfour

Ph.D., Yale University
M.A., University of Toronto
B.A. , York University

Winters College, 104ext. 77463ibalfour@yorku.ca

Marcia S. Blumberg
Associate Professor

Ph.D., English, York University
M.A., English, York University
B.A. Honours, English (summa cum laude), York University

Stong College, 344ext. 33847blumberg@yorku.ca

Theatre , Arts and Culture , Contemporary theatre, South African theatre

Marcus Boon

Ph.D., New York University
M. A., New York University
B. A., University College London

Stong College, 347ext. 40675 mboon@yorku.ca

Stephen Cain
Associate Professor

PhD, York University
MA, York University
B.A. English Literature, Queen's University

Atkinson College, 728ext. 44017sjcain@yorku.ca

Canadian Studies, : Canadian literature, Canadian poetry, small press, avant-garde movements, poetry, poetics, cultural production, little magazines, postmodernism, modernism

Heather Campbell
Associate Professor

Stong College, 334ext. 30439hcampbel@yorku.ca

Lily M Cho
Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Alberta
M.A., Queen's University
B.A., University of Alberta

Stong College, 353ext. 22144lilycho@yorku.ca

Tina Young Choi
Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
M.A, University of California, Berkeley
A.B., magna cum laude, Harvard University

Stong College, 346ext. 22149tinayc@yorku.ca

English , Science and Technology , Victorian novels, Victorian science, statistics, history of narrative, Charles Dickens

Elicia A. Clements
Associate Professor

PhD in English Literature , York University
MA in English Literature , York University
BA (Honours) in English Literature , University of Western Ontario
BMus (Honours) in Music Education , University of Western Ontario

Vanier College, 247ext. 33712elicia@yorku.ca

Modernism, Interdisciplinary Studies, Gender Studies

Diana Cooper-Clark
Associate Professor

MA, York University
B.Ed, University of Toronto
BFA, York University
BA, York University

Atkinson College, 718ext. 33488dcclark@yorku.ca

English , Women's Studies

Julia Creet
Associate Professor

Ph.D. History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz
M.A. History and Philosophy of Education, University of Toronto
B.A. Honours History, University of Victoria

Stong College, 334creet@yorku.ca

English , Culture and Cultural Studies , Holocaust Studies, Memory Studies, Documentary film, Literary Nonfiction and Genealogy

R. Darren Gobert

Ph.D., English and Comparative Literature, Columbia
M.Phil, English and Comparative Literature, Columbia
M.A., English and Comparative Literature, Columbia
M.A., English, McGill
B.A., French and English, Ottawa

Calumet College, 330ext. 33990gobert@yorku.ca

Modern and contemporary drama, dramatic and performance theory, philosophy of theatre

Terry Goldie

B.A., University of Saskatchewan
M.A., Carleton University
Ph.D., Queen`s University

Stong College, 351ext. 22146tgoldie@yorku.ca

gay studies, sexuality studies , literary theory

David Goldstein
Associate Professor

Ph.D. in English, Stanford University
M.A. in Writing, The Johns Hopkins University
B.A. in English, Yale University

Stong College, 301Eext. 30355 dgolds@yorku.ca

Michael Helm
Associate Professor

M.A, University of Toronto
B.A., University of Saskatchewan

Calumet College, 320ext. 20347 mhelm@yorku.ca

Lesley J Higgins

Ph.D., Queen’s University
M.A., Queen’s University
B.A., Brock University

Stong College, 301Dext. 22344ljhiggins@aol.com

Christopher Innes

B.A. , Oxon
B. Phil, Oxon
M.A., Oxon
D.Phil., Oxon

Winters College, 123ext. 77461cinnes@yorku.ca

Marie-Christine Leps
Associate Professor

Calumet College, 332ext. 22145 mcleps@yorku.ca

Thomas L. Loebel
Associate Professor

Ph.D., English (American Literature), SUNY at Buffalo
M.A., English (Literary Theory), SUNY at Buffalo
M.A., English (Curriculum), University of Toronto (OlSE)
B.A., Political Science/Philosophy, McGill University

Stong College 215ext. 66397loebel@yorku.ca

American 19th Century, Contemporary Criticism, 19th & 20th-century American Literature, Literary Theory, Poetics

Kim Ian Michasiw
Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Toronto
M.A., University of Toronto
B.A., University of Toronto

Ross Building, S307ext. 33997michasiw@yorku.ca

Modupe O Olaogun
Associate Professor

PhD, York University
M.A., University of Ibadan
B.A., University of Ibadan

Atkinson College, 640ext. 22223olaogun@yorku.ca

Peter Paolucci
Assistant Professor

PhD, York
MA, University of Manitoba
BA, University of Manitoba

Calumet College, 306ext. 33281paolucci@yorku.ca

English , Information Technologies

Elizabeth A Pentland
Associate Professor

Ph.D., English Literature, Stanford University
M.A., English Literature, University of Toronto
B.A. (with High Distinction), English & History, University of Toronto

Stong College, 208Dpent@yorku.ca


B.W. Powe
Associate Professor

M.A., University of Toronto
B.A., York University
Ph.D., York University

Stong College, 352ext. 33775bpowe@yorku.ca

Arthur Redding

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
M.A., University of Texas at Dallas
B.A., Kenyon College

Stong College, 342ext. 30442aredding@yorku.ca

Ghosts, memory, and ethnic identity in contemporary American literature and culture; Twentieth-century public intellectuals in America; Culture and politics of the Cold War; Anarchism and political violence

T. V. Reed

Atkinson College, 604ext. 22157reedtv@yorku.ca

Priscila Uppal

Ph.D. English, York University
MA English, University of Toronto
Double Honours BA English and Creative Writing, York University

Founders College, 324ext. 22866puppal@yorku.ca

Karen Valihora
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Department of English, Yale University
Doctoral Student, Department of English, University of Virginia
Diplôme de langue Française de la Sorbonne, Université de Paris IV, Cours de Langue et Civilisation Françaises
M.A. (English Literature), McGill University
B.A. (English Literature), McGill University

Stong College, 340ext. 30436valihora@yorku.ca

English , Philosophy , Judgment, Aesthetics, Pastoral

Jonathan A Warren
Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Toronto
M. A., University of Toronto
B. A., Yale University

Stong College, 208Bext. 22568jwarren@yorku.ca

Andy Weaver
Associate Professor

Ph.D. , University of Alberta
M.A., University of New Brunswick
B.A., Carleton University

Stong College, 333ext. 30864aweaver@yorku.ca

Canadian and American contemporary poetry, Experimental poetry, Poetics

Allan Weiss
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto
MA, Concordia University
BA, Concordia University

Stong College, 307ext. 77318aweiss@yorku.ca

Agnès Whitfield

Ph.D., Université Laval
M.A., Queen's University
Maîtrise ès lettres, Université de Paris-Sorbonne
Hons B.A. , Queen's University

Stong College, 208agnesw@yorku.ca

Translation , Canadian Studies , Voice in Translation, French-English and English-French Literary Translation, Translation and Institutional Practices

Deanne Williams

Ph.D. English Literature, Stanford University
M.Phil. Medieval English Literature, Oxford University
B.A. English Literature and Religious Studies, University of Toronto

Stong College, 348Aext. 44752dmw@yorku.ca

Medieval Literature, Girlhood Studies, Children's Literature, Shakespeare, Renaissance Literature, Theatre History, History of Book

Robert Zacharias
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Guelph
M.A., University of Manitoba
B.Ed., University of Manitoba

338 Stong Collegeext. 30870rzach@yorku.ca

Canadian literature, diaspora studies, Mennonite writing, literary history, and spatiality

Brett A Zimmerman
Associate Professor

Ph.D., York University
M.A., York University
B.A., University of Toronto at Scarborough

350 Stong Collegeext. 22147bzimmer@yorku.ca