Full-time Faculty Directory

School of Administrative Studies

Nirupama Agrawal
Associate Professor

Dr Eng Water Resources Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan
M.Hydrology, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India
MSc (Statistics), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Atkinson College, 210Aext. 30330nirupama@yorku.ca

Emergency Management , Sustainability , Natural disasters, Disaster risk management, Business continuity planning

Ali Asgary
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
MA, University of Tehran
BA, University of Tehran

Atkinson College, 209Aext. 22879asgary@yorku.ca

Emergency Management , Urban Planning/Design , Disaster Simulation, Business continuity , Decision support systems, GIS, and IT applications in disaster and emergency management

Henry Bartel

PhD, Indiana University
M.A., Indiana University
M.B.A., University of Toronto
Dip B.A., University of Toronto
B.A., University of Western Ontario

Atkinson College, 258Eext. 22447hbartel@yorku.ca

Pilar Carbonell-Foulquie
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Murcia, Spain
MA, University of Murcia, Spain

Atkinson College, 238ext. 66303pilarc@yorku.ca

New product development, customer involvement, market orientation, control of new product teams, innovation speed and team boundary spanning.

You-Ta Chuang
Associate Professor


Atkinson College, 233ext. 66615ychuang@yorku.ca

Business , Management

Sabrina Deutsch Salamon
Associate Professor

PhD, University of British Columbia
MA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
BA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Atkinson College, 236ext. 70844sdeutsch@yorku.ca

organizational trust, citizenship and deviant behaviors, and group processes

Dale Domian

PhD, University of Minnesota
BA, University of Wisconsin

Atkinson College, 239ext. 20009ddomian@yorku.ca

Business , Financial and Monetary Systems

David Etkin
Associate Professor

M.Sc., York University
B.Ed., University of Toronto
B.Sc., York University

Atkinson College, 044Dext. 44016 etkin@yorku.ca

Paul Evans
Assistant Professor

CPA, CA, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Graduate Diploma in Social & Administrative Studies, University of Oxford
Honours BA in Economics, University of Wales - University College of Swansea

Atkinson College, 216ext. 55677pevans@yorku.ca

Accounting , History , Economics, Medieval Celtic Studies

Patrice Gélinas
Associate Professor

PhD, HEC Montréal
MBA, Université du Québec à Montréal
BSc, Laval University

Atkinson College, 254ext. 20082gelinas@yorku.ca

Business , Accounting

Kwok Ho
Associate Professor

Atkinson College, 215ext. 33331kwokho@yorku.ca

Business , Finance

Rongbing Huang
Associate Professor

PhD, Rotman, University of Toronto
M.Sc., Fudan University, China
B.Sc., East China Normal University, China

Atkinson College, 274ext. 22898rhuang@yorku.ca

Information Technologies , Financial and Monetary Systems

Thaddeus Hwong
Associate Professor

PhD, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
LLB, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
MS, Columbia Journalism School, Columbia University
BA, Economics, York University

McLaughlin College, 232ext. 20537thwong@yorku.ca

Politics of redistribution through progressive taxation & public expenditures

Sandra Iacobelli
Assistant Lecturer

LLM (Business Law), Osgoode Hall Law School-York University


Joanne Jones
Associate Professor

PhD, Schulich School of Business, York University
CPA, CA, Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants
MBA, Memorial University of Newfoundland
BComm, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Atkinson College, 210ext. 30332jcjones@yorku.ca

Accounting , Ethics , Audit Profession, Auditor Behavior

Len Karakowsky

PhD, Rotman/University of Toronto
MBA, Schulich/York University

Atkinson College, 229Aext. 66237lkarakow@yorku.ca

Management , Human Resources , Organizational Trust, Knowledge Management, Team Leadership/Dynamics

Mustafa Karakul
Associate Professor

PhD, Rotman/University of Toronto
MSc, Bilkent University, Turkey
BSc, Bilkent University, Turkey

Atkinson College, 260Aext. 30117mkarakul@yorku.ca

Operations Management, Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, Investment Decision Analysis, Dynamic Pricing

Sung Kwon

PhD, Michigan State University
MSc, University of Wisconsin at Madison
BSc Engineering, Seoul National University

ATK 276ext. 66460sungkwon@yorku.ca

Accounting , Financial and Monetary Systems , Earnings Management, Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance, Conservatism, Analysts' Forecasts, High-Tech Sector, Informativeness of Earnings,

Liona Lai
Associate Professor

PhD, Texas A&M University
BA, University of Waterloo
CPA, CA, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario

Atkinson College, 212ext. 20096liona@yorku.ca

Accounting , Capital Markets

Richard Leblanc
Associate Professor

PhD, Schulich/York University
JD, University of Detroit Mercy
LLM, Osgoode/York University
LLB, University of Windsor
MBA, University of Toronto

Atkinson College, 202Aext. 33744rleblanc@yorku.ca

Business , Policy , Corporate Governance (all facets), Law, Business Ethics

Jodi C. Letkiewicz
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Ohio State University
M.S., Ohio State University
B.S. , Miami University

204 Atkinson ext. 33630jodilet@yorku.ca

Economics , Consumer finance

Lee Li

PhD, Lancaster University, UK

Atkinson College, 278ext. 20434leeli@yorku.ca

Business , Marketing , International Marketing, Small Business Management

Xiaofei Li
Associate Professor

PhD, McGill University
MA, McGill University

Atkinson College, 235Aext. 30119xiaofeil@yorku.ca

Business , Finance, Fixed-Income Securities and Markets

William Lim
Associate Professor

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
MS, Carnegie Mellon University
BCom, University of Alberta

Atkinson College, 211ext. 33822limw@yorku.ca

Financial and Monetary Systems , Working Capital Management, Entrepreneurial Finance, General Equilibrium Models of Asset Pricing

Li Zhi Ma
Assistant Professor

Atkinson College, 204Aext. 20204mlizhiyk@yorku.ca

Joanne Magee
Associate Professor

LLM, York University
MBA, University of Toronto
Honours BSc, McMaster University
FCA, Ontario
CFP, Canada

Atkinson College, 215ext. 66450 jmagee@yorku.ca

Education , Social Development and Welfare , Tax Policy, Tax Compliance, Tax Planning

Aaida A. Mamuji
Assistant Professor

PhD, Public Administration, University of Ottawa
Masters of Arts, Globalization Studies, McMaster University
Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

Atkinson College, 250ext. 33875amamuji@yorku.ca

Public Administration , Emergency Management , Humanitarian Assistance , International Development, Coordination

Joel Marcus
Assistant Professor

Atkinson College, 205ext. 22868marcus@yorku.ca

Manfred Maute

PhD, University of Tennessee (Knoxville)
MBA, University of Manitoba

Atkinson College, 262ext. 33926mmaute@yorku.ca

Marketing , Management

Professor Kenneth McBey

PhD, Schulich/York University
MBA, Schulich/York University
BEd, University of Toronto
BA (Hons.), University of Toronto

Atkinson College, 252ext. 33390kmcbey@yorku.ca

Management , Human Resources , Organizational Behaviour, Disaster & Emergency Management, Leadership

Peggy Ng

PhD, University of Toronto
P. Stat, Statistical Society of Canada

Atkinson College, 223ext. 77167peggyng@yorku.ca

Business , Management , Spatial Analysis in Remote Sensing Data, Panel Data Analysis in Business and Organizational Data, Knowledge Creation

Ron Ophir
Assistant Lecturer

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
MSIA, Carnegie Mellon University
BSc, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Atkinson 270ext. 30131ophir@yorku.ca

Management , Human Resources , Diversity in Organization, Organizational Learning, Knowledge Transfer

John Parkinson

PhD, Bradford, UK
MSc, Bradford, UK
JDip MA,

Atkinson College, 424ext. 20538johnmp@yorku.ca


Songlan (Stella) Peng
Associate Professor

PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Master of Administration, Renmin University, China
B.A., Xiamen University, China

Atkinson College, 231ext. 22114stellap@yorku.ca

Accounting , Business , Impact of financial reporting; factors affecting financial reporting; quality of financial information, IFRS, Chinese accounting standards, Financial reporting, international accounting

Walter Perchal

Atkinson College, 044Bwjperchal@aol.com

Marcela Porporato
Associate Professor

PhD, IESE Business School, Universidad de Navarra, Spain
PhD, UNC, Argentina
MSAcc, Suffolk University, USA
BA, Accounting, UNC, Argentina
BA, Business Administration, UNC, Argentina

Atkinson College, 251Aext. 22874porpomar@yorku.ca

Accounting , Management , Management Planning and Control Systems, Performance management, Emerging economies, LATAM

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah

PhD , NUS Business School, Singapore
MPhil, University of Bergen, Norway
MSc B., Zakariya University, Pakistan
BA, University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Atkinson College, 263ext. 33849hassanq@yorku.ca

Energy and Natural Resources , Global/Climate Change , Decision Making in Complex Systems, System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation, Energy Policy Analysis, Computer Simulation-based Interactive Learning Environmnets, and DSS

Julia Richardson
Associate Professor

PhD, Otago, New Zealand
MA, Manchester, UK

Atkinson College, 234ext. 33821jrichard@yorku.ca

Management , Human Resources , Expatriation, Flexible Work Practices

Chris Robinson
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto, Rotman

Atkinson College, 258Aext. 20097crobinso@yorku.ca

Financial and Monetary Systems , Accounting , Personal Finance, especially retirement planning, Critical and Alternative Perspectives on Finance and Accounting, Dividend Policy of Corporations and Case Study Research of Corporate Environmental Decision-Making

Jack Rozdilsky
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Alexander Rusetski
Associate Professor

PhD, Indiana University
MBA, Indiana University
BSc, Byelorussian Polytechnic Institute

ATK 237ext. 30591arusetsk@yorku.ca

Marketing strategy, pricing, managerial decision-making

Cristóbal Sánchez-Rodríguez
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Murcia, Spain
BA, University of Murcia, Spain

Atkinson College, 235ext. 22893sanchezc@yorku.ca

Management Information Systems & Auditing, The Integration between Buyers and Suppliers in Industrial Markets, The Utilization of Information Technologies to Enhance Quality Management Practices in Industrial Settings

Mark Schwartz
Associate Professor

PhD, Schulich/York University
MBA, Schulich/York University
JD, Osgoode/York University
BA, York University

Atkinson College, 207ext. 20124schwartz@yorku.ca

Business , Ethics

Jung-Chin Shen
Associate Professor

PhD, INSEAD, Paris

Atkinson College, 256ext. 22494jcshen@yorku.ca

Management , Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Kim Snow
Associate Professor

Atkinson College, 258Dext. 20730kimsnow@yorku.ca

Marketing , Business

Adriano O. Solis
Associate Professor

PhD (Management Science), University of Alabama
MBA, University of the Philippines
Master of Science (Mathematics), University of the Philippines
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), University of the Philippines

Atkinson College, 260ext. 22239asolis@yorku.ca

Inventory systems modeling, supply chain management, intermittent/lumpy demand forecasting, applied modeling and simulation, IT in operations and supply chain management

Ingrid Splettstoesser
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Waterloo
MBA, York University
BMath, University of Waterloo

Atkinson College, 208ext. 20472ingrids@yorku.ca

Accounting , Information Technologies , Auditing, Psychology

Gary Spraakman

PhD, Concordia University
MA, York University
MBA, University of Alberta
BCom, University of Alberta

Ross Building, N926ext. 70790garys@yorku.ca

Accounting , Management Accounting Change, The Impact of Information Technology on Management Accounting

Andreas Strebinger
Associate Professor

PhD, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria
MBA, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria

Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 2045ext. 30590strebing@yorku.ca

Marketing , Brand management, especially international brand management, brand architecture and portfolio management, brand personality, brand equity, Marketing research, e.g., conjoint measurement

Nabil Tahani
Associate Professor

PhD, HEC Montréal
DEA in Probability and Finance, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris
DEA in Mathematical Modeling in Economics, La Sorbonne, Paris
Engineer, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris

Atkinson College, 203Aext. 22901ntahani@yorku.ca

Derivatives Pricing, Credit Risk, Stochastic Calculus, Personal Finance and Retirement Planning

Kelly Thomson
Assistant Professor

PhD, Schulich/York University
MA, University of Manitoba
BA, McGill University

Atkinson College, 214ext. 20126thomsonk@yorku.ca

Management , Organizational Theory, Social Movement Theories, Sustainability and Health Care Coordination

Fuminori Toyasaki
Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Operations Management), McGill University, Canada
PhD (Management Science), University of Massachusetts Amherst, the United States of America
Master of Science (Economics), Osaka University, Japan
Bachelor of Science (Economics), Osaka University, Japan

Atkinson College, 269ext. 20268toyasaki@yorku.ca

Transportation , Closed-loop Supply Chains, Humanitarian Logistics, Game Theory

Peter Tsasis
Associate Professor

Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, 421ext. 22171tsasis@yorku.ca

Management , Health , Patient Care, Health Care Management, Complexity Science

Haiping Wang
Assistant Professor

Atkinson College, 258ext. 20873hpwang@yorku.ca

Nelson Waweru
Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Accounting), University of Cape Town
MBA (Accounting and Finance), University of Nairobi
B.comm (Accounting), University of Nairobi

Atkinson College, 255ext. 30326waweru@yorku.ca

Accounting , Financial and Monetary Systems , Management Control Systems, Corporate Governance practices in Developing Countries, Adoption of Contemporary Management Accounting Practices

Jodie G. Whelan
Assistant Professor

Atkinson College, 206ext. 33819whelanj@yorku.ca

Semih Yildirim
Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Finance, University of Tennessee
MBA in Finance and International Business, Rochester Institute of Technology
B.A. in Finance and Accounting, Marmara University

Atkinson College, 218ext. 22477yildirim@yorku.ca

Competition and Regulation in Financial Markets, Performance and Efficiency in Financial Institutions, Mergers and Acquisitions