Full-time Faculty Directory

Department of Social Science

Teresa Abbruzzese
Assistant Professor

Honours Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in Human Geography and Environmental Geography and Minor in Italian Studies) , University of Toronto
Master in Environmental Studies (Planning), Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Ross Building, S764Aext. 44675teresa@yorku.ca

Urban Planning/Design , Globalization , Transnationalism, Migration, and Identity, Gendered Spaces of Activism, Cultural Landscapes and Popular Culture

Amelie Barras
Assistant Professor

PhD, London School of Economics
MSc, London School of Economics
BA, McGill University

Ross Building, S726ext. 77619abarras@yorku.ca

Human Rights , Religion , Politics, Secularism , Gender

Paul J Baxter
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Ross Building, S726ext. 20507pjbaxter@yorku.ca

Annette Louise Bickford
Assistant Professor

Ross Building, S706ext. 33833bickford@yorku.ca

Northern Development , Globalization , Critical race theory, National identity/ national otherness/ internal colonialism

Annie Bunting
Associate Professor

Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.), University of Toronto
Master of Laws (LL.M. with Distinction), London School of Economics & Political Science, University of London
Bar Admission Course , Law Society of Upper Canada
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
Faculty of Arts (Philosophy), University of Western Ontario

York Lanes, 317ext. 20505abunting@yorku.ca

Human Rights , Gender Issues , Critical Humanitarianism

Eduardo Canel
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Graduate Program in Sociology, York University
Graduate Diploma in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, York University
M.A. Graduate Program in Sociology, York University
Honours B.A.. Department of Sociology, York University

Kaneff Tower, 815ext. 22476ecanel@yorku.ca

State-Civil Society Relations; Socio-environmental Conflicts; Extractive Industries; Social Movements; Participatory Democracy; Decentralization and Local Governance; Social Capital; Latin America.

Rosemary Coombe

J.S.D./Ph.D. (Doctor of the Science of Law/Minor in Anthropology), Stanford University
J.S.M. (Master of the Science of Law), Stanford University
LL.B. (With Great Distinction) Highest standing in graduating class, University of Western Ontario
B.A. (Honors) Anthropology/Political Science , University of Western Ontario

Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 2017ext. 30157rcoombe@yorku.ca

Law , Cultural, political, and social implications of intellectual property laws

Megan J Davies
Associate Professor

Ph.D., History, McGill University, 1984
M.A., History, University of Waterloo, 1989
B.A., History , University of Victoria, 1984

Ross Building, S704Aext. 33812daviesmj@yorku.ca

History , Health history, BC history, rural health, women and health, poor law and welfare state, old age, madness

Lykke de la Cour
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., History, University of Toronto
M.A., History, University of Toronto
B.A., History and Women’s Studies, University of Toronto

Ross Building, S706ext. 33833ldlcour@yorku.ca

Lisa B Welch Drummond
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S703ext. 77792drummond@yorku.ca

Asian/Pacific Studies , Geography , Urban Social Life, Vietnam, Urban Water and Climate Resilience

Denielle A Elliott
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology, Simon Fraser University

311 York Lanesext. 77823dae@yorku.ca

Anthropology , Community-Based Research , Urban Ethnography; Literary Ethnography and Storytelling, Colonialism and Postcolonialism, Medicine, Science and Technology

Carlo Fanelli
Assistant Professor

PhD, Carleton University
MA, York University
BA, York University

S760 Ross South ext. 33842fanelli@yorku.ca

Amanda Glasbeek
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S733ext. 33749aglasbee@yorku.ca

Miguel Gonzalez Perez

Founders College, 133ext. 44087migon@yorku.ca

Indigenous Peoples , Fisheries , International Development Studies, Social Movements, Territorial Autonomous Regimes, Small-Scale Fisheries

Jay Goulding
Associate Professor

PhD, York University
MA Sociology, York University`
BA Sociology, McMaster University

Ross Building, S705ext. 20236jay@yorku.ca

Wang Bi’s 王弼 reconstruction of Laozi’s 老子 Daodejing 道德經, Cheng Chung-ying’s 成中英 ontocosmology and Chinese philosophy, Hwa Yol Jung’s Daoist phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty and Buddhism, Heidegger’s engagement with Chinese and Japanese philosophy, Motoori Norinaga’s 本居宣長 understanding of Chushingura 忠臣藏 (Treasury of Loyal Retainers)

Caroline Shenaz Hossein
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto
MPA, Cornell University
LLB, University of Kent at Canterbury (UK)
BA, Saint Mary's University (Halifax, NS)

Ross Building, S763ext. 33612chossein@yorku.ca

Poverty , Gender Issues , Africa and the African Diaspora, Garveyism, Social economy and Intersectionality, Community economic development, Non-profits, Microfinance, Self-help groups, ROSCAS and Social enterprises

Jennifer M Hyndman

Ph.D., Geography , University of British Columbia
M.A., Sociology , Lancaster University
B.A., Sociology & English, University of Alberta

Kaneff Tower, 853ext. 33689jhyndman@yorku.ca

Geography , Violence , Geographies of forced migration/immigration, Humanitarian aid in response to conflict/asylum/disasters, Refugee (re)settlement

Paul L E Idahosa
Associate Professor

Founders College, 314ext. 66939pidahosa@yorku.ca

Uwafiokun Idemudia
Associate Professor

PhD Geography , Lancaster University
MA, University of Westminster
BSc, University of Ilorin

Founders College, 320ext. 33155idemudia@yorku.ca

Les Jacobs

D.Phil., Politics, Oxford University
M.A., Political Science, University of Western Ontario
B.A. Honours, Political Science & Philosophy, University of Western Ontario
LLM Special Student Status (as Liberal Arts Fellow), Harvard Law School

Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 5054ext. 44661jacobs@yorku.ca

Human Rights , Law and Justice , Public Policy, Health and Human Rights, Access to Justice

Tanja Juric

PhD, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
BA, University of British Columbia

Ross Building, S732ext. 33356tjuric@yorku.ca

Human Rights , Multiculturalism , Religion, Citizenship

Marguerite J Keall
Assistant Professor

Ross Building, S742ext. 77176peggy@yorku.ca

Kamala Kempadoo

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Colorado-Boulder
MA. Black Studies, Ohio State University
Doctorandus (Drs/MA) Social Science, (Race and Ethnic Studies with minors in Cultural Anthropology and Social Psychology), University of Amsterdam
Candidandus (BA) Sociology, University of Amsterdam

Ross Building, N826ext. 66940kempadoo@yorku.ca

Latin American and Caribbean Studies , Race and Racism , sexual labour and transactional sex, human trafficking

Olena Kobzar
Assistant Professor

Ross Building, S734ext. 77813okobzar@yorku.ca

Jacqueline D. Krikorian
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto (Political Science)
LLB, Queen's University (Faculty of Law)
MLitt, University of Oxford (Modern History)
MA, Dalhousie University (Political Science)
BA, Honours, Brock University (Politics/History)

Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 2048
Mailing Address: S672 Ross Building
ext. 66229jdk@yorku.ca

Politics and Government , Law

Laura J. Kwak
Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Toronto
MA, York University
BA, Queen's University

Ross S732ext. 33356 ljkwak9@yorku.ca

Multiculturalism , Law , Racial Governmentality, Critical Race Jurisprudence, Critical Race Feminism

Anita Lam
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S721ext. 33753lamanita@yorku.ca

Tuulia Law
Assistant Professor

Doctorate of Philosophy, Criminology, University of Ottawa
Master of Arts, Women's Studies, University of Ottawa
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concordia University

Ross Building, S724ext. 20547tlaw@yorku.ca

Intersectional gendered violence; sexual assault on campus; sex work and sex industry management; criminalized masculinities.

Carla Lipsig-Mumme

Ross Building, S761Aext. 33751carlalm@yorku.ca

Labour , Environment , Work and climate change, Young Workers

Allyson M Lunny
Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Criminology), University of Toronto
M.A. (English Lit), University of Western Ontario
M.A. (Theory and Criticism), University of Western Ontario
B.A. (Semiotics), University of Toronto

Ross Building, S730ext. 44097alunny@yorku.ca

Sexuality , Law and Justice , Hate Crime/ Hate Speech, Critical Psychoanalysis, Representation & Law

Patricia C. McDermott
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S731ext. 77828patmcd@yorku.ca

John Justin McMurtry
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Social and Political Thought, York University
M.A., Social and Political Thought, York University
Honours B.A. with Distinction, History (Major), Philosophy (Minor), University of Guelph

Ross Building, S754ext. 77812jmcmurtr@yorku.ca

The Social Economy, co-operative practice and theory , Social, Political and Economy Theory, Alternative Energy, Fair and Ethical Trade

Merouan Mekouar
Assistant Professor

Ph.D, Political Science, McGill
MA, Political Science, McGill
BA, Political Science, Université de Montréal

Ross Building, S759ext. 22739mmekouar@yorku.ca

Politics and Government , International Relations

Viviana Patroni
Associate Professor

Ross Building, N833Bext. 33752vpatroni@yorku.ca

Mark S. Peacock

Ph.D., Economics and Politics, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge
M.A.(Hons.), Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex
B.A., Economics, University of Sussex

Ross Building, S767ext. 33757mpeacock@yorku.ca

Linda Peake

Ph.D., Geography, Reading University
B.A. Hons., Geography, Reading University

Kaneff Tower, 731ext. 33750lpeake@yorku.ca

Geography , Gender Issues , Feminist geographies of gender, race and sexuality, Urban based research on women in cities, Whiteness and on developing anti-racist practices in Geography

Nalini Persram
Associate Professor

PhD 1997. International Politics, University of Wales Aberystwyth
MA 1992. International Relations, University of East Anglia
BA 1990. Political Science, University of Victoria
BA 1986. Music, University of Regina

Kaneff Tower, 744ext. 46012persramn@yorku.ca

Governance , Latin American and Caribbean Studies , Postcolonialism, Gender, Consciousness

Anna C Pratt
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S722ext. 33748apratt@yorku.ca

Fahimul Quadir
Associate Professor

York Lanes, 230Rext. 66937fquadir@yorku.ca

Aid effectiveness, civil society, commercialization of the voluntary sector, democratization, governance, emerging donors, Managing Development for Results (MfDR), human development, human security, micro-finance, NGOs, regionalism

Indhu Rajagopal

Founders College, 229ext. 77809rajagopa@yorku.ca

Darryl Reed

Ph. D., Social Ethics, University of Southern California
Ph. D., Political Economy & Public Policy, University of Southern California

Ross Building, S764ext. 77817dreed@yorku.ca

Stephanie Ann Ross
Associate Professor

Ph. D., Political Science, York University
M.A., Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University
B.A. Hons., Political Science, Carleton University

Ross Building, S759Aext. 77386stephr@yorku.ca

Labour , Politics and Government , Union Democracy and Structure, Social Unionism and Union Renewal, The Politics of Global Justice Movements, Public Sector Unionism, Anti-poverty Organizing

Jeannie Samuel
Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
BA, McGill University

Ross Building, S771ext. 33759jesamuel@yorku.ca

Sonya Scott
Assistant Professor

Ross Building, S761ext. 33810smscott@yorku.ca

Economics , Philosophy , Theories of Subjectivity, Language and Economics, Crises of Capitalism

James W E Sheptycki

Postdoctoral Fellow, Edinburgh University, School of Law
Ph.D., London School of Economics
M.A., Essex University
B.A., University of Saskatchewan, International Studies

McLaughlin College, 034ext. 53726jshep@yorku.ca

Crime , Policy

John Simoulidis
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Ross Building, S764ext. 77813sims@yorku.ca

Miriam Smith

Ph.D., Political Science , Yale University
B.A. (First Class Honours in Political Science), McGill University

Ross Building, S720ext. 33581mcsmith@yorku.ca

Politics and Government , Sexuality , LGBT Politics in Canada and the U.S., public policy, political institutions & institutionalism, public law & federalism, social movements,

Dagmar Soennecken
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto
MA Political Science (Concentration in Women's Studies), University of Toronto
BA (Hons) Law + Political Science, Carleton University

McLaughlin College, 136ext. 33408dsoennec@yorku.ca

Politics and Government , Policy , Comparative law and politics, law and society, Migration (esp. refugees) and citizenship, national security, gender, social movements, First Nations

David Szablowski
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S728ext. 77814davidsz@yorku.ca

Governance , Globalization , Extractive Industries, Political Ecology, Legal pluralism

Matthew Tegelberg
Assistant Professor

PhD, Cultural Studies, Trent University
MA, Communication and Culture, York University and Ryerson University
BA, Communication Studies and History, York University

Ross Building, S717ext. 30125 mtegel@yorku.ca

Media , Science and Technology , Climate Change, Tourism, Indigenous Peoples

Ozgun Topak
Assistant Professor

PhD, , Queen's University, Canada
MA,, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
BA,, Istanbul University, Turkey

Ross Building, S724Aext. 33749 ozgunt@yorku.ca

Surveillance studies, criminalization of migration, citizenship studies, criminological and sociological theory.

Natasha Tusikov
Assistant Professor

PhD, Australian National University
MA, Queen's University
BA, University of British Columbia

Ross South 714Aext. 30158ntusikov@yorku.ca

Information Technologies , Crime, law and technology, Private security industry, Regulatory theory

Richard Wellen
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S770ext. 77794rwellen@yorku.ca

Higher Education Policy, Business and Society

Kimberley White
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S730Aext. 20430kjwhite@yorku.ca

James W Williams
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S724ext. 20547jamesw1@yorku.ca

Edward G Winslow
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S714ext. 77819winslow@yorku.ca

Douglas G. Young
Associate Professor

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Toronto
Post-graduate Diploma Planning Studies, Architectural Association, London U.K.
PhD Environmental Studies, York University

Ross Building, S702ext. 77829dogoyo@yorku.ca

Urban Planning/Design , Geography , Legacies of Socialist and Post-socialist Cities