Full-time Faculty Directory

Department of Political Science

Anna M Agathangelou
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S653ext. 88840agathang@yorku.ca

International Relations, Governance , International Feminist Political Economy, Science and Technology Studies, Feminist/Postocolonial/Decolonial Thought; Time and Temporality in World Politics; Poetics of Decolonization; Reconstruction Post-Conflict; Financial Crisis; Contemporary Critial Security Studies; Race and Racism; EU and peripheral regional powers (i.e., Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, MENA region).

Gregory A Albo
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S642ext. 88833albo@yorku.ca

Sabah Alnasseri
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S627ext. 30089alnaseri@yorku.ca

Middle East Politics and Economy, Theroy of Regulation, Marxist State Theory

Isabella C. Bakker

Ph.D., New School for Social Research
BA (Honours), Carleton

Ross Building, S661ext. 88842icbakker@yorku.ca

Gender and fiscal policy/gender budgeting; development economics; globalization and human security; governance and social reproduction feminist international political economy; public finance; measuring progress on human rights and gender equality commitments; financing for development; social policy and gender orders.

Anne Fruma Bayefsky

M.Litt., Oxford University
L.L.B., University of Toronto
M.A., University of Toronto
B.A., University of Toronto

McLaughlin College, 043ext. 77169bayefsky@yorku.ca

international human rights and the law

Raymond Bazowski
Associate Professor

PhD, Carleton
MA, Carleton
BA, Saskatchewan

McLaughlin College, 233ext. 20723rbazk@yorku.ca

Shannon M Bell

Ph.D, Political Science, York University
M.A., Political Science, York University
B.A. (Hons.), Political Science, University of Winnipeg

Ross Building, S644ext. 88826shanbell@yorku.ca

Simone R Bohn
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S628ext. 30088sbohn@yorku.ca

Political parties, Latin American political development, Latin American political economy, Methodology in Political Science, Research design in Comparative Politics, Electoral behavior, Legislative politics, Women and Politics in Latin America

Martin Breaugh
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Political Science (Specialisation : Political Philosophy), University of Paris VII – Denis Diderot
D.E.A. Sociology of Power (Terminal Master), University of Paris VII – Denis Diderot
M.A. Political Science (Specialisation : Political Thought), University of Ottawa

Ross Building, S648ext. 20241mbreaugh@yorku.ca

History of Political Thought, Political Freedom and Emancipation, Contemporary French Political Theory, Democratic Theory, XIXth Century France (including the French Revolution), Plebeian Politics, the Political Theory of Oligarchy

Barbara Cameron
Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Toronto
M.A., University of Toronto
B.A., Carleton University

Kaneff Tower, 613ext. 66623barbarac@yorku.ca

Policy , Women , The Political Economy of Women's Equality/Inequality, Labour Market Policy and Precarious Employment

Nergis Canefe
Associate Professor

SJD candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School
Ph.D , Department of Social and Political Thought, York University
MA, Department of Sociology, State University of New York
MA course-work, Department of History (Ottoman History specialization), Boğazici University
BA with special honours, Department of Sociology, Boğazici University

McLaughlin College, 137ext. 20994ncanefe@yorku.ca

Human Rights , Immigration , Middle East, Global South, International Criminal Law

Gregory Chin
Associate Professor

PhD (Political Science), York University, Canada

Ross Building, S630ext. 88830gtchin@yorku.ca

International political economy, comparative political economy, China's monetary and financial affairs, industrial policy, Asian regionalism, BRICS, rising powers, global governance, global development, economic statecraft

George C Comninel
Associate Professor

Ph.D., York University
M.A., York University
B.A., Cornell University

Ross Building, S646ext. 88831comninel@yorku.ca

Philosophy , History , Political Theory in Historical and Social Context, Politics, Ideology, and Class in the French Revolution, Marxist Theory, Theories of Historical State Formation and Economic Development, Revolutions and Revolutionary Theories, Feudalism

Elizabeth Dauphinee

Ross Building, S658ext. 46009dauphine@yorku.ca

David B Dewitt

Ph.D., Stanford University
M.A., Stanford University
B.A., University of British Columbia

Ross Building, C/O S672ddewitt@yorku.ca

International Relations, Other, International and regional security, conflict management and resolution, Middle East and Asia Pacific security politics, Canadian foreign, defence, and security policy. Currently working on regionalization of political security relations in both the Middle East and in the Asia Pacific regions, Canadian foreign, defence and security policy, the intersection of science and national security policy, and Canadian and comparative public diplomacy. , Asia Pacific , Middle East

Caroline Dufour
Associate Professor

PhD Political Science, Université de Montréal
MA Political Science, Université Laval
BA Political Science, Université Laval

McLaughlin College, 124ext. 33813cdufour@yorku.ca

Public Administration , History of public administration, Public administration and mass media, Administrative reform

Fay C Faraday

Ross Building, N810ext. 33368ffaraday@yorku.ca

Stephen R Gill

Ph.D., Birmingham
P.G.C.E., Manchester
M.A., Essex
Dip I.A., Bath
B.A., London

Ross Building, S660ext. 88824sgill@yorku.ca

International Relations, Globalization , Global Political Economy, Geopolitics, Global Governance, Global Health, New forms of political agency; the political and juridical constitution of global capitalism; American strategy; cultural and civilizational aspects of globalization, Global leadership and world order.

Laam Hae
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Syracuse University
M.A., Seoul National University
B.A., Seoul National University

Ross Building, S632ext. 30081lhae@yorku.ca

Heather Hartung-MacRae
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S652ext. 33964hmacrae@yorku.ca

Gender Issues , Policy , European Union politics, German politics

Susan J. Henders
Associate Professor

D.Phil (Politics), St. Antony’s College, Oxford UK
M.Phil (Government and Public Administration), Chinese University of Hong Kong
B. Journalism, Carleton University
B.A Honours (History), University of Saskatchewan

Kaneff Tower, 832ext. 44066henders@yorku.ca

Politics and Government , Asian/Pacific Studies , Non-state Actors and Diplomacies in Global Politics, Human Rights and Minority Rights, Substate Nationalisms and Territorial Politics

Gerald Kernerman
Associate Professor

N824 Ross Buildingext. 20551geraldk@yorku.ca

Multiculturalism , Race and Racism , Critical Border, Migration, and Refugee Studies, Nationalism and Identity Politics, Social & Political Thought

Thomas Klassen

PhD, University of Toronto
Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, Carleton University
MSc Urban & Regional Planning, University of Toronto
MA Sociology, University of Toronto
BA Sociology, Trent University, Peterborough

Ross Building, S636ext. 88828tklassen@yorku.ca

Employment and Labour , Public Administration , Comparative labour market, Income security policies, Retirement and pensions

Jacqueline D. Krikorian
Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto (Political Science)
LLB, Queen's University (Faculty of Law)
MLitt, University of Oxford (Modern History)
MA, Dalhousie University (Political Science)
BA, Honours, Brock University (Politics/History)

Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 2048
Mailing Address: S672 Ross Building
ext. 66229jdk@yorku.ca

Politics and Government , Law

Hannes Lacher
Associate Professor

Ph.D. (LSE), 'Vor-Diplom', Social Sciences, University of Konstanz
M.A., Political Science, York University
Diplom, Administrative Studies, University of Konstanz

Ross Building, S654ext. 88843hlacher@yorku.ca

Comparative and international political economy, historical materialism, historical sociology of the international system, global capitalism and territoriality, critical international relations theory

Robert E. Latham
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Department of Political Science, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research
Master of Arts, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago
Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Pomona College, Claremont, California

Ross Building, N824ext. 46011rlatham1@yorku.ca

Communications , Politics and Government , Interested in borders, sovereignty, political economy environmental studies, politics of new media, critical theories of conflict, civil society, transnational politics, governance, intervention // Anarchism, spatial politics, democracy, political ecology, knowledge, post-nationality, temporality, materialism, mediality, international sociology and IR, imperialism and empire, state theory; collective action, human rights and international law; culture and conflict, global politics; world order, liberalism // Israel-Palestine, Africa, North America, Arctic, Political Theory

David Leyton-Brown

Ph.D., Harvard University
M.A., Harvard University
B.A., McGill University

McLaughlin College, 224ext. 77083dlbrown@yorku.ca

International political economy, Foreign policy analysis (Canadian foreign policy, U.S. foreign policy), Canadian-American relations, The international dimension of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and on peacekeeping, Canadian-American trade and defence relations.

Rodney D. Loeppky
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S631ext. 30085rloeppky@yorku.ca

Health , American Politics, International and Comparative Political Economy

Robert H MacDermid
Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of British Columbia
M.A., University of Essex
B.A., Carlton University

Ross Building, N811ext. 77298rmacd@yorku.ca

Voting behaviour in Canada with an emphasis on political parties, Election campaigns, Campaign advertising, The concepts and methodologies used in election studies, Public administration and democratic administration. Teaching Areas: Canadian Government and Politics, Democratic Administration, Contemporary Political Analysis.

Rhys Machold
Assistant Professor

Ross South 662ext. 33891rmachold@yorku.ca

Terry Maley
Associate Professor

MA, Social and Political Thought, York University
PhD, Political Science, University of Toronto

652 South Ross Buildingext. 44523maley@yorku.ca

My research interests lie in the areas of Critical Theory (Marcuse and Adorno), radical democratic theory (Sheldon Wolin), twentieth century political and social thought (Max Weber, Hannah Arendt), Marx and 20th century Marxism, theories of the state and neoliberalism. Global democratic, ecological, social and protest movements are also key areas of interest. I have also taught and written about Canadian political economy and public policy in a global context, with a focus on the transformative democratic potential of alternative, participatory community–based budget processes.

David J McNally

Ross Building, S637ext. 88835dmcnally@yorku.ca

Esteve Morera
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S419ext. 77591morera@yorku.ca

Philosophy of History, Social and Political Philosophy, Marxism, and the thought of Antonio Gramsci, African Philosophy

Ananya Mukherjee-Reed

Ph.d (Economics and Public Policy), University of Southern California
MA in Economics , Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Ross Building, S949Dext. 20266/33197ananya@yorku.ca

Poverty , Development and inequality, critical and alternative economics, India and South Asia

Karen Bridget Murray
Associate Professor

PhD, University of British Columbia
MA, University of Toronto
BA, University of Toronto

Ross Building, S629ext. 30087murrayk@yorku.ca

Critical gentrification studies; poverty and new urban institutions; the political purposes of the residential school system; experiential education in the study of politics; Boston; Dublin; Toronto; Vancouver; social and political thought; governing reproduction and parenting; intersectional studies.

David Mutimer

Ph.D., Political Science, York University
M.A., Political Science, York University
B.A. Hons., Political Science, University of Western Ontario

Ross Building, S669ext. 46007dmutimer@yorku.ca

International Relations, Contemporary international security, reproduction of security in and through popular culture, Critical Security Studies

Stephen L Newman
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Government, Cornell University
M.A., Government , Cornell University
B.A., Political Science and History, University of Rochester

Ross Building, S659ext. 33869snewman@yorku.ca

Anglo-American political thought, Contemporary liberal theory

Janice I Newton
Associate Professor

Vanier College, 254ext. 77380jnewton@yorku.ca

Canadian Studies , Democracy and Education, History of Canadian Political Science

Jonathan Nitzan

Ross Building, S650ext. 88822nitzan@yorku.ca

Dennis M. Pilon
Associate Professor

Doctorate, Political Science, York
Master of Arts, History, Simon Fraser
Bachelor of Arts, History/Sociology, Simon Fraser
Diploma of Technology, Broadcasting, BC Institute of Technology

Ross Building, S638ext. 88832dpilon@yorku.ca

Elections, Democratic reform, Class analysis

Serguei M Plekhanov
Associate Professor

Kaneff Tower, 745ext. 46013splekhan@yorku.ca

Ann V Porter
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S651ext. 22455aporter@yorku.ca

Althea-Maria Rivas
Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Sussex
MA, Political Science, Concordia Univeristy
BA, Political Science, McGill University

662 South Ross Bldgext. 46004amrivas@yorku.ca

Gender, Peace and Conflict, (In) Securities Studies, West and East African Politics, Feminist and Postcolonial Theory and Pedagogy, Central Asia, Migration and Conflict, Violence, Emotion, Memory and International Relations

Richard G Saunders
Associate Professor

Ross Building, S639ext. 88834rsaunder@yorku.ca

African Studies , Politics and Government , Development Political Economy, Extractive Resources, Civil Society and Democratisation

Nicola C Short
Associate Professor

PhD, London School of Economics
MA, University of Bradford
BA, Georgetown University

Ross Building, S640ext. 88816ncshort@yorku.ca

International Relations, International Political Economy, Gramscian (International) Political Theory, Peace and Conflict Studies

Jakeet Singh
Assistant Professor

PhD (Political Science), University of Toronto
MA (Political Science and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought), University of Victoria
BA Hons (Political Science and Scholar's Electives), University of Western Ontario

Ross Building, S637ext. 30013jsingh3@yorku.ca

Decolonial and Postcolonial Thought, Intersectionality and Feminist Thought, Social Justice and Anti-Oppression, Politics of Race, Culture, and Religion, Indigenous Politics and Settler Colonialism, Violence and Nonviolence, Critical Theory and Radical Democracy

Gabrielle A Slowey
Associate Professor

Kaneff Tower, 724gaslowey@yorku.ca / robdir@yorku.ca

Indigenous Peoples , Community-Based Research , (Unconventional) Resource Extraction/Energy and Natural Resources, Politics, Treaties and (Self-)Government, Environmental Politics

Bruce J Smardon
Associate Professor

McLaughlin College, 228ext. 30080bsmardon@yorku.ca

Industrial and Technological Development , Politics and Government , Canadian Political Economy, The State and Technological Development

Ethel Tungohan
Assistant Professor

B.A. (Hons.), University of British Columbia
MSc, London School of Economics
Ph.D., University of Toronto

S665 Rossext. 22055tungohan@yorku.ca

Social movements, migrant activism, public policy, socially engaged research, intersectionality, Canadian and comparative politics.

Leah Vosko

PhD, York University
MA Women's Studies, Simon Fraser University
BA Political Studies, Trent University

Kaneff Tower, 618ext. 33157lvosko@yorku.ca

Sandra L Whitworth

Ph.D., Political Science, Carleton University
M.A., Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University
B.A. Honours, Political Science and Philosophy, York University

Ross Building, S900ext. 22650adres@yorku.ca & sandraw@yorku.ca

International Relations, Gender Issues , Gender and international relations; feminism and international relations; gender and peacekeeping; international security

Jenny Wustenberg
Assistant Professor

B.A. (Hons), University of Sussex—UK
M.A., Macquarie University—Sydney, Australia
M.A., University of Maryland, College Park
Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

823N Rossext. 22398jwustenb@yorku.ca

The politics of memory, social movements, civil society, political culture, transnational networks, European Union politics, post-war German history, history of the Cold War, qualitative and network research methodology.