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Faculty Profiles

Alphabetical by Surname

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Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Abbruzzese, Teresa
Social Science Ross Building, S764A 44675
Abella, Irving M
Adamopoulos, Tasso
Economics Vari Hall, 1036 33269
Adelson, Naomi
Anthropology 2048 Vari Hall 77786
Adriaen, Monique
French Studies Founders College, 219 77059
Agathangelou, Anna M
Politics Ross Building, S653 88840
Agnew, Vijay N
Social Science Ross Building, N830 30153
Agrawal, Nirupama
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 210A 30330
Ahmad, Tania G.
 Vari Hall, 2040 77783
Ahrens, Wolfgang P
Akyol, Ahmet
Economics Vari Hall, 1050 77044
Albo, Gregory A
Politics Ross Building, S642 88833
Alboiu, Gabriela
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S541 22574
Albritton, Robert R
Politics Ross Building S672
Alexandrakis, Othon
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2118 x40139
Ali, Syed Harris
Sociology Vari Hall, 2073 33913
Alnasseri, Sabah
Politics Ross Building, S627 30089
Alston, Vermonja R
English Atkinson College, 414 33848
Anam, Mahmudul
Economics Vari Hall, 1040 20583
Anderson, Karen
Sociology Vari Hall, 2110 60304
Anderson, Katharine
Humanities Norman Bethune College, 303 22026
Anderson, Ellen M
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S503 88730
Andrews, Kristin A
Philosophy Ross Building, S420 77590
Angermeyer, Philipp S.
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, 571 33793
Antze, Paul G
Social Science 230 Founders 77094
Anucha, Uzo
Social Work Ross Building, S842 66329
Appelbaum, Elie
Economics Vari Hall, 1064 20582
Armborst, David E
Armstrong, Pat
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 
Vari Hall, 2118 22550
Armstrong, Christopher
Asgary, Ali
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 209A 22879
Avery, John Peter
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S900 33015
Badr, Ibrahim Hamid
French Studies Ross Building, N735 77067
Badwall, Harjeet Kaur
Social Work Ross Building, S808 33271
Bahry, Romana M
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics 313 Stong College 33563
Bailey, Steven C
Humanities Norman Bethune College, 316 33808
Bain, Alison L
Geography Ross Building, N422 66192
Bakker, Isabella C.
Politics Ross Building, S661 88842
Balfour, Ian G
English Winters College, 104 77463
Barnes, Annmarie
 Vari Hall, 2152 60309
Barras, Amelie
Social Science Ross Building, S726 77619
Bartel, Henry
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 258E 22447
Basu, Ranu
Geography Ross Building, N403 22436
Bawa, Sylvia
Sociology Vari Hall, 2144 60355
Baxter, Paul J
Social Science Ross Building, S726 20507
Bayefsky, Anne Fruma
Politics McLaughlin College, 043 77169
Bazowski, Raymond
Politics McLaughlin College, 233 20723
Beare, John B
Economics Vari Hall, 1076 20586
Beare, Margaret Evelyn
Sociology Ignat Kaneff Building, 3006 55907
Beausoleil, Danielle
French Studies Ross Building, N737 77076
Beck, Jacob
Philosophy Ross Building, S439 22582
Belcourt, Monica
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 123 66442
Bell, Shannon M
Politics Ross Building, S644 88826
Bell, Stephanie M.
 Ross Building, S378 77471
Belladonna, Rita M C
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Bello, Richard L
Geography Ross Building, N408 22561
Benslimane, Younes
Information Technology 3061 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Berland, Jody D
Humanities 234 Founders College 33218
Bernholtz, Marlene
 Ross S311
Bickford, Annette Louise
Social Science Ross Building, S706 33833
Birch, Kean
Geography Ross Building, N411
Bird, Kym
Humanities Winters College, 105 77462
Bischoping, Katherine
Sociology Vari Hall, 2086 77996
Blake, Sarah H
Humanities Vanier College, 245 77401
Blincow, Malcolm J
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2050 40139
Blumberg, Marcia S.
English Stong College, 344 33847
Bohn, Simone R
Politics Ross Building, S628 30088
Bonnell, Jennifer L.
History 2130 Vari Hal 30422
Boon, Marcus
Stong College, 347 40675
Boran, Idil
Philosophy Ross Building, S426 30138
Bouraoui, Hedi A
French Studies Stong College, 332 77323
Bradbury, Bettina
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
Breaugh, Martin
Politics Ross Building, S648 20241
Brock, Deborah R.
Sociology Vari Hall, 2108 60302
Brooke, Stephen J
History Vari Hall, 2188 66980
Brown, Shirley Ann
Humanities 708 Atkinson 66610
Brown, Michael
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Brzozowski, Matthew
Economics Vari Hall, 1086 20152
Buccheri, Mauro
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Founders College, 219 20724
Buckley, Neil
Economics Vari Hall, 1140 77031
Bucovetsky, Sam
Economics Vari Hall, 1052 77026
Budworth, Marie-Helene
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 129 22867
Bunting, Annie
Social Science York Lanes, 317 20505
Butler, Gary R
Humanities McLaughlin College, 030 44090
Buturovic, Amila
Humanities Vanier College, 222 77054
Cain, Stephen
English Atkinson College, 728 44017
Cameron, Barbara
Politics Kaneff Tower, 613 66623
Campbell, Heather
English Stong College, 334 30439
Campeanu, Radu
Information Technology 3059 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Canefe, Nergis
Public Policy and Administration 
McLaughlin College, 137 20994
Canel, Eduardo
Social Science Kaneff Tower, 815 22476
Carbonell-Foulquie, Pilar
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 238 66303
Cardoso, Inęs
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S510 30385
Cauchi, Mark
Humanities McLaughlin College, 033 77558
Cavanagh, Forbes
Administrative Studies 252 Atkinson
Cavanagh, Sheila
Sociology Founders College, 206 22337
Cecchetto, David
Humanities Vanier College, 239 33958
Cetinic, Maria
 Stong College, 353 22144
Chakraborty, Kabita
Humanities Founders College, 227 66915
Chan, Christopher
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 150G 30593
Chapman, Chris
Social Work Ross Building, S852 23082
Burke, Tony
Humanities McLaughlin College, 036 22329
Chatterjee, Soma
Social Work Ross Building, S868 33385
Chaudhuri, Arun
 Vari Hall, 2046 40143
Chen, Stephen
Information Technology 3046 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Chen, Jerome C
Chiang, Shin-Hwan
Economics Vari Hall, 1060 77035
Chin, Gregory
Politics Ross Building, S630 88830
Cho, Lily M
English Stong College, 353 22144
Choi, Tina Young
English Stong College, 346 22149
Chrostowska, S.D.
Humanities Founders College, 307A
Chuang, You-Ta
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 233 66615
Clark, Matthew C
Humanities Vanier College, 251 77396
Clements, Elicia A.
Vanier College, 247 33712
Cohen, Avi J
Economics Vari Hall, 1072 77046
Cohen, Elizabeth S.
History Vari Hall, 2128 66960
Cohen, Rina
Sociology Vari Hall, 2112 77991
Cohen, Thomas V
Vari Hall, 2156 66977
Cohn, Daniel
Public Policy and Administration McLaughlin College, 128 77276
Colaguori, Claudio Anthony
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 328 44009
Colby, Gordana
Economics Vari Hall, 1044
Colussi Arthur, Ph.D., Gabriella
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Founders College, 235 23094
Comninel, George C
Politics Ross Building, S646 88831
Constantinou, Peter
Public Policy and Administration McLaughlin College, 126 20631
Coombe, Rosemary
Social Science 
Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 2017 30157
Cooper-Clark, Diana
English Atkinson College, 718 33488
Corbett, Noel L
French Studies
Cortes, Matias
Economics 1088 Vari Hall 33987
Costa, Elio
Cothran, Boyd D.
History Vari Hall, 2132 66959
Coulter, Natalie H.
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3042 77849
Couto, Noemia (Naomi)
Public Policy and Administration McLaughlin College, 132 22278
Cowdy, Cheryl
Humanities 212 Vanier College 60498
Craven, Mary-Louise
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3021 70559
Craven, Paul
Social Science  55678
Creet, Julia
English Stong College, 334
Crosby, Alison D
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Kaneff Tower, 607 33691
Cumming, Peter E.
Cummings, Michael J
English 354 Stong College 33420
Curto, José C.
History York Lanes, 315 66965
Cysneiros, Luiz Marcio
Information Technology 3053 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Daley, Andrea
Social Work Ross Building, S876 22847
Danciu, Johanna A.
French Studies Ross Building, N713 30128
Darroch, Gordon
Sociology Vari Hall, 2060 55015
Das, Raju J
Geography Ross Building, S411 22450
Das Gupta, Tania
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 310 66345
Dauphinee, Elizabeth
Politics Ross Building, S658 46009
Davidson, Deborah
Sociology 2909 Vari Hall 60310
Davies, Megan J
Social Science Ross Building, S704A 33812
Davis, Andrea A.
Humanities Vanier College, 206 77015
De La Cour, Lykke
Social Science Ross Building, S706 33833
Denning, Kathryn E L
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2036 40136
Derayeh, Minoo
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 410 30270
Deutsch Salamon, Sabrina
Administrative Studies
Human Resource Management 
Atkinson College, 236 70844
Dewitt, David B
Politics Ross Building, C/O S672
Dick, Madelyn
Digrazia, Joseph
Sociology Vari Hall, 2148 22825
Dimock, Susan
Philosophy McLaughlin College, 227 77535
Dingley, John
Dodman, Maria Joăo
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Founders College, 226 20963
Domian, Dale
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 239 20009
Doorey, David J.
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 268 30592
Dowler, Kevin Leslie
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3019 77871
Doyle, Kerry
 Ross Building S359 77469
Drezner, T.D.
Geography Ross Building, S408 20511
Driver, Susan
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3016 20125
Drummond, Lisa B Welch
Social Science Ross Building, S703 77792
Drummond, Robert J
Public Policy and Administration 
S623B, Ross 33493
Dua, Enakshi
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 206 40104
Ducharme, Mary Jo
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 128 33817
Dufour, Caroline
Politics McLaughlin College, 124 33813
Dumont, Christiane
French Studies Ross Building, N720 30182
Durston, Alan
History Vari Hall, 2126 66962
Dwyer, John A.
Edmondson, Jonathan
History Vari Hall, 2178 30417
Egnal, Marc
Ehrlich, Carl S.
Kaneff Tower, 758 20191
Ehrlich, Susan L
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S549 66288
Eisen, Sydney
Eisenstat, Yedida
Humanities Kaneff Tower, 756 77384
El Khachab, Walid
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S531 88749
Elfner, Emily
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross S551 33792
Elliott, Denielle A
Social Science 311 York Lanes 77823
Elson, Nicholas
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics 106 Winters College
Emberly, Andrea
Humanities Vanier 236 77094
Embleton, Sheila M
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S561 88849
Endicott, Steven
Erechtchoukova, Marina
Information Technology 3045 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Ertorer, Secil
 Atkinson College, 634 22625
Erwin, Lorna
Sociology Vari Hall, 2116 60306
Esteve-Volart, Berta
Economics Vari Hall, 1066 77029
Etkin, David
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 044D 44016
Evans, Paul
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 216 55677
Ezzedeen, Souha R.
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 122A 20269
Fallis, George B
Economics Vari Hall, 1048 77027
Fanelli, Carlo
Social Science S760 Ross South 33842
Faraday, Fay C
Politics Ross Building, N810 33368
Ferrara, Ida
Economics Vari Hall, 1136 20583
Figueredo, Maria L
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S414B 20078
Fisher, Roger
Humanities McLaughlin College, 038 23221
Fogel, Joshua A
History Ross Building, N817 30420
Forsyth, James Scott
Politics Centre For Film & Theatre, 238 22164
Foster, Lorne
Equity Studies
Public Policy and Administration 
McLaughlin College, 123 33462
Found, William (Bill) C.
Francois, Any Marie-Gerard
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
Freake, Douglas
Humanities Vanier College, 244 66984
Frederiksen, Soren
Public Policy and Administration McLaughlin College, 119 33459
Freeman, Donald B
Frolic, Bernard
Politics Kaneff Tower 831 88821

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Gaber, Brian
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 272 33679
Gazso, Amber
Sociology Vari Hall, 2082 77987
Gekas, Athanasios (Sakis)
History Vari Hall, 2120 30423
Gélinas, Patrice
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 254 20082
Georgopoulos, George
Economics Vari Hall, 1080 30108
Gezundhajt, Henriette
French Studies
Gibson, Margaret F. (Meg)
Social Work Ross Building, S831 66322
Gibson, James R
Gilbert, Michael A
Philosophy Ross Building, S424 77584
Giles, Wenona
Anthropology Kaneff Tower, 851 66340
Gill, Stephen R
Politics Ross Building, S660 88824
Ginsburg, Gerald A
Giordan, Pietro
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Founders College, 221 55016
Giudice, Michael G
Philosophy Ross Building, S423 77556
Glasbeek, Amanda
Social Science Ross Building, S733 33749
Gobert, R. Darren
English Calumet College, 330 33990
Goitom, Mary
Social Work S815 22839
Gold, Gerald L
Anthropology Calumet College, 322 77781
Goldie, Terry
English Stong College, 351 22146
Goldring, Luin
Sociology Kaneff Tower, 820 60311
Goldstein, David
English Stong College, 301E 30355
Gonzalez Perez, Miguel
Social Science Founders College, 133 44087
Good Gingrich, Luann
Social Work Kaneff Tower, 850 20028
Goodman, Mark J
Equity Studies
Atkinson College, 418 33678
Goossen, Ted
Humanities Vanier College, 231 66986
Gosine, Andil
Sociology Vari Hall, 2148 77984
Gottschling, Verena
Philosophy Ross Building, S444 44722
Goulding, Jay
Social Science Ross Building, S705 20236
Granatstein, Jack L
Grayson, J. Paul
Sociology Atkinson College, 438 20484
Greene, Ian
Public Policy and Administration 230 McLaughlin College 55384
Greer-Wootten, Bryn
Grinspun, Ricardo S
Economics Founders College, 233 77049
Gururani, Shubhra
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2038 33716
Haberman, Arthur
History 126A Founders College
Hadj-Moussa, Ratiba
Sociology Vari Hall, 2102 77989
Hae, Laam
Politics Ross Building, S632 30081
Hagerman, Ned
Halsall, Alison
Humanities Vanier College, 234 33944
Hanson, Barbara
Sociology Atkinson College, 336 20469
Haque, Eve
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S553 66127
Harland, Philip A
Humanities Vanier College, 248 77379
Hartung-Macrae, Heather
Politics Ross Building, S652 33964
Hattiangadi, Jagdish
Philosophy Ross Building, S437 77524
Hay, Charles Douglas
 Ignat Kaneff Building, 4024 55563
Hayden, Wilburn
Social Work Ross Building, S866 20467
Hayward, Mark
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3029 77657
Heidenreich, Conrad
Hellman, Judith Adler
Social Science 
Founders College, 133 44087
Hellman, Stephen M
Politics S623B, Ross 33493
Helm, Michael
English Calumet College, 320 20347
Henders, Susan J.
Politics Kaneff Tower, 832 44066
Heron, Barbara
Social Work Ross Building, S823 20087
Heron, W Craig
Heynen, Robert J.
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3040 77405
Higgins, Lesley J
English Stong College, 301D 22344
Hill, Alan R
Hirji, Zulfikar A.
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2040 77783
Ho, Kwok
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 215 33331
Ho, Wai-Ming
Economics Vari Hall, 1046 22319
Hoffman, Randy
Administrative Studies
Hoffman, Michol F
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S504 88734
Hoffmann, Richard C
History 2177 Vari Hall
Holmes, J. Teresa
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2030 77782
Holoch, Donald
Horowitz, Asher
Politics Ross Building, S623B 33493
Horowitz, Sara R.
Humanities Kaneff Tower, 755 77097
Hossein, Caroline Shenaz
Social Science Ross Building, S763 33612
Houston, Susan E
Huang, Jimmy
Information Technology 3048 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Huang, Rongbing
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 274 22898
Huck, Geoffrey J.
 Ross Building, S355 33985
Huss, Brian
Philosophy Ross Building, S414 33634
Hwong, Thaddeus
Administrative Studies
Public Policy and Administration 
McLaughlin College, 232 20537
Hyndman, Jennifer M
Social Science 
Kaneff Tower, 853 33689
Hyun, Theresa M
Humanities Vanier College, 228 77101
Iacobelli, Sandra
Administrative Studies
Iannacito-Provenzano, Roberta
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S559 88717
Idahosa, Paul L E
Social Science Founders College, 314 66939
Idemudia, Uwafiokun
Social Science Founders 320
Ingram, Susan
Humanities Vanier College, 242 77023
Innes, Christopher
English Winters College, 123 77461
Irvine, William D

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Jackman, Henry
Philosophy Ross Building, S434 77595
Jacobs, Merle
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 426 44012
Jacobs, Les
Social Science Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 5054 44661
Jasiak, Joann
Economics Vari Hall, 1062 77045
Jazairi, Nuri
Economics Vari Hall, 1040 77034
Jenkins, William M.
Geography Ross Building, S410 22488
Jeon, Mihyon
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S414E 20495
Johnson, Michele Antoinette
History York Lanes, 321A 66933
Johnston, Cameron E
Social Science Ross Building, S714A 30158
Jones, Joanne
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 210 30332
Jones-Imhotep, Edward
History Vari Hall, 2164 30430
Jopling, David Alan
Philosophy Ross Building, S435 77588
Judge, Joan
History Vari Hall, 2122 20593
Juric, Tanja
Social Science Ross Building, S732 33356
Kadar, Marlene
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 
Founders College, 311 66926
Kainer, Jan Melanie
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 137 20545
Kanya-Forstner, A. Sydney
Karagyozova, Tsvetanka
Economics Vari Hall, 1082 77028
Karakowsky, Len
Administrative Studies
Human Resource Management 
Atkinson College, 229A 66237
Karakul, Mustafa
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 260A 30117
Karpinski, Eva C
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 313 20490
Karumanchiri, Luisa
Kater, Michael H
Kazan, Patricia
 2066 TEL 33134
Keall, Marguerite J
Social Science Ross Building, S742 77176
Keeney, Patricia
English Founders College, 143 20839
Keeping, Joseph
Vanier College, 225 33674
Kehoe, Dalton A
Communication Studies 2011 Victor Dadelah Bldg.
Kelly, Benjamin
History Vari Hall, 2134 30415
Kelly, Philip F.
Geography Ross Building, N402 66194
Kempadoo, Kamala
Social Science Ross Building, N826 66940
Kenedy, Robert A
Sociology Winters College, 124 77458
Kernerman, Gerald
Politics N824 Ross Building 20551
Khaiter, Peter
Information Technology 3044 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Khalidi, Muhammad Ali
Philosophy Ross Building, S431 77575
Kheraj, Sean R
History Vari Hall, 2124 30421
Kim, Ann H
Sociology Kaneff Tower, 839 22678
Kim, Janice C. H.
History Kaneff Tower, 706 30402
Kimakova, Alena
Public Policy and Administration 
McLaughlin College, 138 66066
King, Ruth
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S553 88731
Kitzmann, Andreas
Humanities Founders College, 321 88703
Klassen, Thomas
Public Policy and Administration 
Ross Building, S636 88828
Kobzar, Olena
Social Science Ross Building, S734 77813
Koffman, David
History 7th Floor, York Research Tower, Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies 77395
Koleszar-Green, Ruth
Social Work Ross Building, S811 77567
Kong, Ying
Economics Vari Hall, 1118 30101
Koopmans, Rachel M
History Vari Hall, 2182 30414
Korosi, Jennifer B.
Geography N407 Ross Building 22491
Kraenzle, Christina
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics South Ross, 561
Krikorian, Jacqueline D.
Social Science 
Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 2048
Mailing Address: S672 Ross Building 
Krishnamurti, Sailaja
Humanities Kaneff Tower, 702 44680
Kulak, Avron P
Humanities Vanier College, 219 66987
Kurasawa, Fuyuki
Sociology Vari Hall, 2088 77990
Kwak, Laura J.
Social Science Ross S732 33356
Kwon, Sung
Administrative Studies ATK 276 66460
Kyriakides, Christopher
Sociology 2114 Vari Hall 60305
Lacher, Hannes
Politics Ross Building, S654 88843
Ladd-Taylor, Molly
History Vari Hall, 2136 30419
Lagerlöf, Nils-Petter
Economics Vari Hall, 1056 33785
Lai, Liona
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 212 20096
Lam, Lawrence
Sociology Vari Hall, 2098 77995
Lam, Anita
Social Science Ross Building, S721 33753
Lambert-Drache, Marilyn P
French Studies York Lanes, 200N 55177
Langlois, Ganaele M.
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3017 20329
Latchford, Frances J.
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 206A 20460
Latham, Robert E.
Politics Ross Building, N824 46011
Latham, Soosan D
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 126 22818
Law, Tuulia
Social Science Ross Building, S724 20547
Lawrence, Bonita
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 408 22334
Lawrence, Geoff
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S575 88729
Lazar, Fred
Economics Seymour Schulich Building, N205J 20252
Le Goff, T.J.A.
Leblanc, Richard
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 202A 33744
Lebrun, Bernard
Economics Vari Hall, 1074 33653
Lee, Becky R
Humanities Vanier College, 235 66988
Leibovici, Fernando
Economics Vari Hall, 1034 30106
Lennox, John W
English Founders College, 126A 20245
Lenton, Rhonda L.
Sociology Kaneff Tower, 1050
Leps, Marie-Christine
English Calumet College, 332 22145
Letkiewicz, Jodi C.
Administrative Studies 204 Atkinson 33630
Lewis, Anne-Marie
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S520 66291
Leyton-Brown, David
Politics McLaughlin College, 224 77083
Li, Lee
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 278 20434
Li, Xiaofei
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 235A 30119
Li, Xianghong
Economics Vari Hall, 1068 77036
Li 李翠恩, Jessica Tsui-Yan
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S528A 88747
Liaskos, Sotirios
Information Technology 3051 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Liegghio, Maria
Social Work Ross Building, S810 66324
Lightman, Bernard V
Humanities Norman Bethune College, 309 22028
Lileeva, Alla
Economics Vari Hall, 1112 20581
Lim, William
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 211 33822
Lino, Shanna
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S505A 88737
Lipsig-Mumme, Carla
Social Science Ross Building, S761A 33751
Litoiu, Marin
Information Technology 3047 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Little, William Kenneth
Anthropology 2044 Vari Hall 22327
Llambias-Wolff, Jaime
Social Science Ross Building, S708 33298
Lo, Kin Chung
Economics Vari Hall, 1070 77032
Lo, Lucia P
Geography Kaneff Tower, 840
Lockshin, Martin I
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics 
on sabbatical
Loebel, Thomas L.
English Stong College 215 66397
Loeppky, Rodney D.
Politics Ross Building, S631 30085
Lovejoy, Paul E
History York Lanes, 329 66917
Lowinsky, Benjamin
 McLaughlin College, 032 77109
Lumsden, David P
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2054 77787
Lunny, Allyson M
Social Science Ross Building, S730 44097
Lunstrum, Elizabeth M.
Geography S. Ross 412 46010
Luxton, Meg
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 206D 20933
Lyons, Larry
Communication Studies 312 Atkinson 33814

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Ma, Jia
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics S528 ROSS BLDG. 88748
Ma, Li Zhi
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 204A 20204
Macdermid, Robert H
Politics Ross Building, N811 77298
Macdonald, Grant
Social Work Ross Building, S863
Macdonald, Margaret
Anthropology Founders College, 232 77466
Macdonald, Margaret
 Founders College, 232 77466
Machold, Rhys
Politics Ross South 662 33891
Macías, Teresa
Social Work Ross Building, S816 66319
Maclachlan, Alice C.
Philosophy Ross Building, S418 77587
Maclennan, Anne F.
Communication Studies 3025 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh (DB) Building 33857
Magee, Joanne
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 215 66450
Mahaney, William
Geography 302 Atkinson 33923
Mahmoud, Shameem Chowdhury
Economics Vari Hall, 1116 77053
Maidman, Maynard P
Maiguashca, Juan
Maiter, Sarah
Social Work Ross Building, S827 20565
Maitra, Sudeshna
Economics Vari Hall, 1038 77052
Maley, Terry
Politics 652 South Ross Building 44523
Malik, Sadia
Economics Vari Hall, 1094 20532
Mamuji, Aaida A.
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 250 33875
Man, Guida
Sociology Kaneff Tower, 612 30269
Manafu, Alex
Philosophy S414A Ross Building
Mandell, Nancy J
Sociology Founders College, 225 66905
Mansoorian, Arman
Economics Vari Hall, 1026 33403
Marcus, Joel
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 205 22868
Marjollet, Christian
French Studies Atkinson College, 140 77078
Marquez, Alina M.
Social Science Ross Building, S718 33303
Martel, Marcel
History Vari Hall, 2166 30429
Martin, Aryn
Sociology Vari Hall, 2150 77985
Martínez-Osorio, Emiro
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Founders College, 139 66924
Massam, Bryan H
Matsuoka, Atsuko
Social Work Ross Building, S809 22851
Maute, Manfred
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 262 33926
Mazepa, Patricia A
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3030 30164
Mcallister, Carlota
Anthropology Kaneff Tower 827 66121
Mcarthur, Daniel
Philosophy Ross Building, S425 66346
Mcbey, Professor Kenneth
Administrative Studies
Human Resource Management 
Atkinson College, 252 33390
Mcdermott, Patricia C.
Social Science
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 
Ross Building, S731 77828
Mcerlean, John
Mcgrath, Susan
Social Work Kaneff Tower, 853 66662
Mcguire, Wendy
Social Work Ross Building, S833 20567
Mckeen, Wendy
Social Work Ross Building, S874 70625
Mckenzie, Andrea
 Ross Building, S353 77476
Mcluhan, Arthur E.
Sociology Vari Hall, 2115 60307
Mcmurtry, John Justin
Social Science Ross Building, S754 77812
Mcnab, David
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 440 22423
Mcnally, David J
Politics Ross Building, S637 88835
Mcpherson, Kathryn M
History Ross Building, S900 44569
Medeiros, Andrew
 Ross Building, N411 22763
Medovarski, Andrea
Humanities 250 Vanier College 70414
Mekouar, Merouan
Social Science Ross Building, S759 22739
Mendelsohn, David J
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Mensah, Joseph
Geography Ross Building, N413A 66344
Mianda, Gertrude
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies GL/York Hall 155 88198
Michasiw, Kim Ian
Ross Building, S307 33997
Michaud, Jacinthe
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 166 York Hall/Glendon 60544 /88356
Miller, Barry W
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics East Office, C28 55518
Mitchell, Allyson
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 206E
Mitchell, Peter M
Moghissi, Haideh
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 330 20842
Mongia, Radhika
Sociology Vari Hall, 2080 66406
Morera, Esteve
Ross Building, S419 77591
Morrison, Louise M J
French Studies Ross Building, N731 77064
Mueller, Gabriele
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics S524, Ross Building 66289
Mukherjee-Reed, Ananya
Politics Ross Building, S949D 20266/33197
Mukherjee, Arun P
English Stong College, 342 30442
Mulé, Nick
Social Work Ross Building, S825 66325
Murdie, Robert A
Murdocca, Carmela
Sociology Vari Hall, 2100 77992
Murray, Karen Bridget
Politics Ross Building, S629 30087
Murray, David A. B.
Anthropology 312 Founders 40481
Musto, Marcello
Sociology Founders College, 134 22558
Mutimer, David
Politics Ross Building, S669 46007
Myers, Natasha
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2032 22394
Myers, Robert
Philosophy Ross Building, S438 77586
Mykhalovskiy, Eric
Sociology Vari Hall, 2078 66405
Naddaf, Gerard T A
Philosophy Ross Building, S443 77594
Narayan, Chandan R.
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S546A 33791
Neeson, Jeanette M
Neill, Deborah
History York Lanes 313 & 2140 Vari Hall 20365 & 66968
Nelles, Vivian
Newman, Ruby
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 236 33961
Newman, Stephen L
Politics Ross Building, S659 33869
Newton, Janice I
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 
Vanier College, 254 77380
Ng, Peggy
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 223 77167
Ng, Jacqueline
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross S520 66291
Nijhawan, Michael
Sociology Vari Hall, 2146 77994
Nijhawan, Shobna
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S570 88725
Nitzan, Jonathan
Politics Ross Building, S650 88822
Noble, Bobby
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 132 20897
Norcliffe, Glen B
O'connell, Anne
Social Work Ross Building, S832 66673
O'neill, Dominique M.
 Ross Building, S357
O'reilly, Andrea
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 223 60366
Obar, Jonathan
Communication Studies Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building, 3008 33873
Oikawa, Mona
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 320 44014
Ojo, Tokunbo
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3027 33755
Olaogun, Modupe O
English Atkinson College, 640 22223
Ophir, Ron
Administrative Studies
Human Resource Management 
Atkinson 270 30131
Ornstein, Michael D
Sociology Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 5054 77162
Orr, Deborah
Humanities McLaughlin College, 044 77024
Ota, Norio
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S532 88750

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Panitch, Leo V
Politics Ross Building, S672
Paolucci, Peter
English Calumet College, 306 33281
Park, Hyun Ok
Sociology Vari Hall, 2096 77986
Parkinson, John
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 424 20538
Patroni, Viviana
Social Science Ross Building, N833B 33752
Peacock, Mark S.
Social Science Ross Building, S767 33757
Peake, Linda
Social Science Kaneff Tower, 731 33750
Pelham, Judith Mary
Philosophy Ross Building, S440 44721
Penak, Nicole
Social Work S872 Ross Building 77297
Peng, Songlan (Stella)
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 231 22114
Pentland, Elizabeth A
English Stong College, 208D
Perchal, Walter
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 044B
Persram, Nalini
Social Science Kaneff Tower, 744 46012
Petronijevic, Uros
Economics 1114 Vari Hall 33879
Picchione, John
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S521 88744
Pietropaolo, Laura G
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Pike, Kelly I
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 150M 22939
Pilon, Dennis M.
Politics Ross Building, S638 88832
Pioffet, Marie-Christine
French Studies Ross Building, N707 30183
Plekhanov, Serguei M
Politics Kaneff Tower, 745 46013
Podhorsky, Andrea
Economics Vari Hall, 1058 77030
Podolsky, Mark
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 150Q 22198
Podruchny, Carolyn
History Kaneff Tower, 718
Poon, Maurice
Social Work S878 Ross Building 20521
Porporato, Marcela
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 251A 22874
Porter, Ann V
Politics Ross Building, S651 22455
Powe, B.W.
English Stong College, 352 33775
Pratt, Anna C
Social Science Ross Building, S722 33748
Preston, Valerie
Geography Ross Building, S412 22421
Propper, Alice M
Sociology McLaughlin College, 228 77102
Przychodzen, Janusz
French Studies Ross Building, N705 77069
Pupo-Barkans, Norene J
Sociology Founders College, 138 33310
Quadir, Fahimul
Social Science York Lanes, 230R 66937
Qudrat-Ullah, Hassan
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 263 33849
Radford, John P
Rahn, Jay
Humanities Vanier College, 236 66612
Rajagopal, Indhu
Social Science Founders College, 229 77809
Ranganathan, Shyam
Philosophy Ross Building, S414D 77578
Razack, Narda
Social Work Ross Building, S813
Redding, Arthur
English Stong College, 342 30442
Reed, Darryl
Social Science Ross Building, S764 77817
Reed, T. V.
English Atkinson College, 604 22157
Rehner, Janice L
 Ross Building, S359 77469
Reisenleitner, Markus
Humanities Vanier College, 237
Reiter, Ester
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 209 Founders College 66634
Remmel, Tarmo
Geography Ross Building, N423 22496
Ricci, Antonio
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S523A 88743
Richardson, Julia
Administrative Studies
Human Resource Management 
Atkinson College, 234 33821
Rilstone, Paul
Economics Vari Hall, 1032
Rini, Regina
Philosophy Ross S416
Rivas, Althea-Maria
Politics 662 South Ross Bldg 46004
Robert, André
Geography Ross Building, S406 22002
Robinson, Chris
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 258A 20097
Rodde, Stefan
Philosophy Ross Building, S417 40109
Rogers, Nicholas C. T.
History Founders College, 222 30408
Ross, Stephanie Ann
Social Science Ross Building, S759A 77386
Rossiter, Amy
Social Work
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 
Ross Building, S863
Rowland, Wade
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3018 20468
Rozdilsky, Jack
Administrative Studies
Rubenstein, Anne G.
History Kaneff Tower, 818 66961
Rudolph, Ross A
Politics S835 Ross 21054
Ruggles, Myles A
Communication Studies 3008 TEL 33873
Rusetski, Alexander
Administrative Studies ATK 237 30591
Rwigema, Marie-Jolie
Social Work Ross Building, S813 66333

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Sabiston, Elizabeth
English Stong College, 321 44757
Salisbury, Laura
Economics Vari Hall, 1092 77051
Abdullah Sam, Thabit A.J.
History Vari Hall, 2140 66966,
Samuel, Jeannie
Social Science Ross Building, S771 33759
Sánchez-Rodríguez, Cristóbal
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 235 22893
Sand, Ben
Economics Vari Hall, 1090 20587
Sanders, Leslie
Humanities Atkinson College, 706 66604
Saunders, Richard G
Politics Ross Building, S639 88834
Scardellato, Gabriele P.
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Founders College, 145 66589
Scheffel-Dunand, Dominique G
French Studies Ross Building, N723B 77070
Schneider, Richard S
Schotte, Margaret E.
History Vari Hall, 2138 30418
Schrauwers, Albert
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2054E
Schwartz, Mark
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 207 20124
Scott, Jamie S
Humanities McLaughlin College, 029 77342
Scott, Randy
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Scott, Sonya
Social Science Ross Building, S761 33810
Semenov, Andrei
Economics Vari Hall, 1028 77025
Sévigny, Savitsa
French Studies Calumet College, 204 44082
Shanker, Stuart
 Calumet College, 331 20386
Shea, Victor
Humanities Vanier College, 237 66983
Sheese, Ron
 Ross Building, S342 22509
Shen, Jung-Chin
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 256 22494
Sheptycki, James W E
Social Science McLaughlin College, 034 53726
Shore, Marlene G
History Vari Hall, 2184 66975
Short, Nicola C
Politics Ross Building, S640 88816
Shubert, Adrian
History Vari Hall, 2160 30431
Shulman, Ahouva
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S573 88727
Silverman, Marilyn
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2042 77784
Simeon (On Sabbatical), James
Public Policy and Administration McLaughlin College, 122 33460
Simoulidis, John
Social Science Ross Building, S764 77813
Singer, Martin
Singh, Parbudyal
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 237 30100
Singh, Hira
Sociology Vari Hall, 2106 60301
Singh, Jakeet
Politics Ross Building, S637 30013
Sinyor, Roberta
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S530 66126
Skinner, David
Communication Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 3020 33853
Slowey, Gabrielle A
Politics  Kaneff Tower, 724 /
Smardon, Bruce J
Politics McLaughlin College, 228 30080
Smith, Miriam
Social Science Ross Building, S720 33581
Smith, J. Barry
Economics Vari Hall, 1075 20584
Smith, Ian R
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Smithin, John
Economics Vari Hall, 1110 33623
Snow, Kim
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 258D 20730
Soennecken, Dagmar
Public Policy and Administration
Social Science 
McLaughlin College, 136 33408
Solis, Adriano O.
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 260 22239
Spencer, John A
 Ross Building, S324 77481
Splettstoesser, Ingrid
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 208 20472
Spotton Visano, Brenda
Public Policy and Administration 
McLaughlin College, 130 20470
Spraakman, Gary
Administrative Studies Ross Building, N926 70790
Stalker, Glenn J
Sociology Founders College, 316 66942
Stefanidis, Georgios
Economics Vari Hall, 1038 77052
Steigerwald, Joan
Humanities  215 Vanier College 70417
Steinisch, Irmgard
Steinman, Linda C
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S544 88720
Stephen, Jennifer A
History Founders College, 129 66930
Stephens, Christianne V
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2048 77786
Stephens, Viola E
Stevens, Paul D
Stewart, Penelope F
Sociology Vari Hall, 2084 77998
Van Viegen, Saskia
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S549 66288
Stoyanov, Andrey
Economics Vari Hall, 1084 22833
Strebinger, Andreas
Administrative Studies Technology Enhanced Learning Building, 2045 30590
Sturino, Franc
History Atkinson College, 618 33251
Sufana, Razvan
Economics Vari Hall, 1030 66065
Sufrin, Jon
 358 South Ross 77473
Swift, Karen
Social Work Ross Building, S863
Szablowski, David
Social Science Ross Building, S728 77814
Tahani, Nabil
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 203A 22901
Tam, Henry
Economics Vari Hall, 1042 30112
Taylor, Patrick D M
Humanities Kaneff Tower, 824 33320
Tegelberg, Matthew
Social Science Ross Building, S717 30125
Teleky, Richard P
Humanities Vanier College, 220 77020
Testaferri, Ada
Thomas, Marty
Public Policy and Administration 119 McLaughlin College 55384
Thomas, Mark P
Sociology Ross Building, N809 30205
Thomson, Kelly
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 214 20126
Topak, Ozgun
Social Science Ross Building, S724A 33749
Toratani, Kiyoko
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S546 20766
Tordoff, Rob
Humanities Vanier College, 250 70476
Toyasaki, Fuminori
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 269 20268
Trevett, Jeremy
History Vari Hall, 2180 30409,
Troit, Anne-Sophie
French Studies Ross Building, N709 77068
Trotman, David V
History Founders College, 326 33192
Tsasis, Peter
Administrative Studies Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, 421 22171
Tsau, Shu-Ying
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Tufts, Steven
Geography Ross Building, N418A 20745
Tungohan, Ethel
Politics S665 Ross 22055
Turner, Alicia M
Humanities Vanier College, 241 66979
Tusikov, Natasha
Social Science Ross South 714A 30158
Tweyman, Stanley
Humanities Vanier College, 254 44084
Uppal, Priscila
English Founders College, 324 22866

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Valeo, Antonella
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S540 33794
Valihora, Karen
English Stong College, 340 30436
Valle-Garay, Pastor
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Van Daalen-Smith, Cheryl
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies McLaughlin College, 232 66691
Van Esterik, Penelope
Anthropology Founders College, 135 77514
Vandergeest, Peter
Geography Ross Building, N405 66191
Vanstone, Gail
Humanities Vanier College, 223 33957
Vercollier, Alain L
 York Hall, 259 88570
Verheggen, Claudine
Philosophy Ross Building, S436 77553
Vernon, Jim
Philosophy Ross Building, S427 33519
Villani, Sergio
French Studies  Ross Building, N717 33025
Visano, Livy
Equity Studies Atkinson College, 318 66317
Vitopoulos, Michail
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Founders College, 141 44089
Vizmuller-Zocco, Jana
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Vosko, Leah
Politics Kaneff Tower, 618 33157
Wahab, Amar
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Founders College, 206B 20904
Wakabayashi, Bob T
Walker, James A.
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S551 33792
Walker, Marshall D
Information Technology 3063 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Walsh, Philip D
Sociology Vari Hall, 2060C 77999
Wang, Haiping
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 258 20873
Wang, Jing
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 150D 44663
Waring, Duff
Philosophy Ross Building, S428 33522
Warkentin, John H
Warren, Jonathan A
English Stong College, 208B 22568
Warwick, Susan J
Humanities Vanier College, 204 77021
Waweru, Nelson
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 255 30326
Weaver, Andy
English Stong College, 333 30864
Webber, Mark J
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Webster, Ronald
Weir, Lorna
Sociology Founders College, 310 33198
Weiser, Keith I
Kaneff Tower, 754 33561
Weiss, Allan
Stong College, 307 77318
Wellen, Richard
Social Science Ross Building, S770 77794
Whalen, Karen L
French Studies
Wheatcroft, Leslie G R
Social Science
Whelan, Jodie G.
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 206 33819
Whitaker, Reginald
White, Kimberley
Social Science Ross Building, S730A 20430
Whitfield, Agnčs
English Stong College, 208
Whittaker, Brian
English Atkinson College, 716 66699
Whitworth, Sandra L
Politics Ross Building, S900 22650 &
Wicken, William Craig
History Vari Hall, 2192 66963
Widmer, Alexandra (Sandra)
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2042 33716
Wilczynski, Adam
Economics Vari Hall, 1054 20577
Wilkin, Christa
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 044E 44664
Williams, Deanne
English Stong College, 348A 44752
Williams, James W
Social Science Ross Building, S724 20547
Winland, Daphne Naomi
Anthropology Vari Hall, 2034 33539
Winslow, Edward G
Social Science Ross Building, S714 77819
Wiseman, Laura
Humanities Winters College, 247 77366
Wong, Yuk-Lin Renita
Social Work Ross Building, S874 23081
Wood, David
Wood, Patricia
Geography Ross Building, S409 22448
Wood, Lesley
Sociology Vari Hall, 2060C 77993
Woodhouse, Ros
 Ross Building, S346 20138
Woody, Diane Beelen
French Studies Ross Building, N739 77073
Wright, Cynthia
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
Wustenberg, Jenny
Politics 823N Ross 22398
Xu, Xueqing
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S506 66300

Name School or Department Office Location Ext. Email
Yabuki-Soh, Noriko
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Ross Building, S526 88746
Yang, Zijiang
Information Technology 3049 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Yildirim, Semih
Administrative Studies Atkinson College, 218 22477
Yon, Daniel Arthur
Anthropology Winters College, 268 88806
Young, Douglas G.
Social Science Ross Building, S702 77829
Young, Kathy Lynn
Geography Ross Building, N415 22371
Young, Lelia
French Studies Ross Building, N719 77066
Yu, Xiaohui
Information Technology 3050 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
(Formerly known as Technology Enhanced
Learning Building) 
Zacharias, Robert
English 338 Stong College 30870
Zecevic, Selma
Humanities Vanier College, 230 77398
Zeifman, Hersh
English 236 McLaughlin College 77093
Zikic, Jelena
Human Resource Management Atkinson College, 270 22865
Zimmerman, Brett A
English 350 Stong College 22147