James P Carley

Department of English

Faculty, Retiree
Office: Founders College, 130
Phone: (416)736-2100 Ext: 33179

James P. Carley is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of English and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada as well as of the Society of Antiquaries of London. He is a specialist in the history and provenance of medieval English manuscripts; a bibliographer and a student of the early Tudor period.

He has written extensively on the history of Glastonbury Abbey, on the Tudor antiquary John Leland, on sixteenth-century book culture in general, on the foundation and early history of Lambeth Palace Library, as well as on the Arthurian legends, and the modern British novelist Lawrence Durrell.

Among Carley’s publications are The Chronicle of Glastonbury (1985), Glastonbury Abbey: History and Legends (1988; revised edn 1996). He is co-editor of The Archeology and History of Glastonbury Abbey (1991), Culture and the King: The Social Implications of the Arthurian Legend (1993), Books and Collectors 1200-1700 (1997), and 'Triumphs of English'. Henry Parker, Lord Morley, Translator to the Tudor Court (2000). Carley is one of the editors of Shorter Benedictine Catalogues, Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues (1996) and editor of The Libraries of King Henry VIII in the same series (2000).

He is the author of The Books of King Henry VIII and his Wives (2004) and has published more than 75 articles. His most recent books are: King Henry VIII's Prayer Book: Facsimile and Commentary (London, 2009) and John Leland. De uiris illustribus: An Edition and Translation (Toronto and Oxford, 2010). In 2012 he received a Queen Elizabether Diamond Jubilee medal and in 2013 he was awarded the Pierre Chauveau Medal from the Royal Society of Canada for "for his distinguished contribution to knowledge in the humanities other than Canadian literature and Canadian history”

Area of Specialization



Ph.D., Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
M.A., English, Dalhousie University
B.A., English, University of Victoria

Research Interests:

History , English , Provenance of medieval English manuscripts, Early Tudor period

All Publications


John Leland. De uiris illustribus / On Famous Men. Toronto & Oxford: 2010.

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Revised as The Chronicle of Glastonbury Abbey. An Edition, Translation, and Study of John of Glastonbury's 'Cronica sive Antiquitates Glastoniensis Ecclesie'. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 1985. (Trans. by David Townsend)

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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