Interest : Anthropology

Name School Interests
Adelson , NaomiDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , Indigenous Peoples , Medical Anthropology  
Butler , Gary RDepartment of Humanities Anthropology , Culture and Cultural Studies , Oral Narrative Discourse, African & Caribbean Oral Tradition 
Chaudhuri , Arun Anthropology , religion, politics, public culture, multiculturalism, secularism, South Asia, Hinduism, race/ethnicity, nationalism, globalization, immigration, media, and technology 
Cohen , Thomas VDepartment of History Department of Humanities History , Anthropology , The Political and Cultural Anthropology of Early Modern Italy, Historical Narrative as an Art, Language and Consciousness in Early Modern Italian Society , Language, gesture, ritual and transactional style. In general, the social and cultural anthropology of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially in Italy. Microhistory and experimental historical writing  
Denning , Kathryn E LDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , Science and Technology  
Durston , Alan T.Department of History History , Anthropology , Latin America, Peru 
Elliott , Denielle ADepartment of Social Science Anthropology , Community-Based Research , Urban Ethnography; Literary Ethnography and Storytelling, Colonialism and Postcolonialism, Medicine, Science and Technology 
Giles , WenonaDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , Gender Issues , Migration and Forced Migration; the Gender Relations Economic and Political Migration, Gender and Militarization; Ethnicity, Nationalism and Gender, Women and Development. 
Hirji , Zulfikar A.Department of Anthropology Anthropology , History , Islam and Muslim Societies, Visual Anthropology, Anthropology of the Senses 
Holmes , J. TeresaDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , African Studies , Tourism in Belize, Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Colonial culture in East Africa  
Kyriakides , ChristopherDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Anthropology , Political Science; Refugee Studies; Ethno-Racialization, Nationalism, Anti-immigration; Social Death & Citizenship; Migration Geopolitics, Culture and Communication 
McAllister , CarlotaDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , Latin American and Caribbean Studies , Religion, Political Ecology, History 
Myers , NatashaDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , Science and Technology , Feminist technoscience, Visual and Performance Cultures, Environmental Studies 
Nijhawan , MichaelDepartment of Sociology Anthropology , Sociology , Diaspora Formations & Transnational Migration, South Asian Religions, Violence, Suffering, and Culture 
Schrauwers , AlbertDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , Asian/Pacific Studies , Economic Anthropology, Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Corporations, Banks, Money 
Stephens , Christianne VDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , health geography, risk perception & risk communication cultural epidemiology, historical trauma & trauma narratives, participatory action research, Indigenous health, health inequalities, syndemics, embodiment, decolonizing methodologies, environmental health social determinants of health, structural violence, grounded theory 
Widmer , AlexandraDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , History , Anthropology of Science, Medicine and Technology, Anthropology of Reproduction, Anthropology of Colonialism 

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