Interest : Asian/Pacific Studies

Name School Interests
Drummond , Lisa B WDepartment of Social Science Asian/Pacific Studies , Geography , Urban Social Life, Vietnam, Urban Water and Climate Resilience 
Henders , Susan JDepartment of Politics Politics and Government , Asian/Pacific Studies , Non-state Actors and Diplomacies in Global Politics, Human Rights and Minority Rights, Substate Nationalisms and Territorial Politics 
Li , Jessica Tsui-YanDepartment of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Asian/Pacific Studies , Arts and Culture , Chinese literature, film, drama, culture, Chinese Canadian and Chinese American studies, Hong Kong, China, Translation studies, Gender studies, and diasporic studies 
Ma , JiaDepartment of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Culture and Cultural Studies , Asian/Pacific Studies , Christian culture & Christianity in China , Chinese-North American Diasporic Lit, Comparative Literature  
Schrauwers , AlbertDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , Asian/Pacific Studies , Economic Anthropology, Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Corporations, Banks, Money 
Turner , Alicia MDepartment of Humanities Religion , Asian/Pacific Studies , Buddhism, Religions of Southeast Asia, Religion and Colonialism/Empire, Religion and Nationalism, Burmese History, Gender and Religion, European Buddhist Converts in Asia, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion  

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