Interest : Communications

Name School Interests
Coulter , Natalie H.Department of Communication Studies Communications , Children and Youth , Gender and Communications, Consumer Culture, Critical Technology Studies 
Hayward , Mark P.Department of Communication Studies Communications , Culture and Cultural Studies  
Kehoe , Dalton ADepartment of Communication Studies Communications , - Select One -  
Latham , Robert E.Department of Politics Communications , Politics and Government , Interested in borders, sovereignty, political economy environmental studies, politics of new media, critical theories of conflict, civil society, transnational politics, governance, intervention // Anarchism, spatial politics, democracy, political ecology, knowledge, post-nationality, temporality, materialism, mediality, international sociology and IR, imperialism and empire, state theory; collective action, human rights and international law; culture and conflict, global politics; world order, liberalism // Israel-Palestine, Africa, North America, Arctic, Political Theory 
MacLennan , Anne F.Department of Communication Studies Communications , Canadian Studies , Media history, Popular culture, Broadcasting, oral history, advertising, consumption, social welfare, poverty, labour and methodology 
Mazepa , Patricia ADepartment of Communication Studies Communications , Information Technologies , Political Economy of Communication , History of Canadian Communication and Culture , Media and Democracy 
Rowland , WadeDepartment of Communication Studies Communications , Information Technologies  

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