Interest : Geography

Name School Interests
Bello , Richard LDepartment of Geography Global/Climate Change , Geography , Climate Science, Northern Environments, Carbon Dynamics 
Drummond , Lisa B WDepartment of Social Science Asian/Pacific Studies , Geography , Urban Social Life, Vietnam, Urban Water and Climate Resilience 
Hyndman , Jennifer MDepartment of Geography Department of Social Science Geography , Violence , Geographies of forced migration/immigration, Humanitarian aid in response to conflict/asylum/disasters, Refugee (re)settlement 
Kelly , Philip FrancisDepartment of Geography Geography , Immigration , Philippines , Southeast Asia, Labour 
Lo , Lucia PDepartment of Geography Geography , Immigration , Ethnic economy, Consumer beahviour, Chinese diaspora 
Medeiros , Andrew Global/Climate Change , Geography , Biogeochemistry, Paleoecology, Arctic Environments 
Peake , Linda JoyceDepartment of Social Science Geography , Gender Issues , Feminist geographies of gender, race and sexuality, Urban based research on women in cities, Whiteness and on developing anti-racist practices in Geography 
Remmel , Tarmo KDepartment of Geography Geography , Forestry, Remote Sensing, GIS, Spatial Pattern Analysis 
Tufts , W. StevenDepartment of Geography Geography , Labour , Populism, Labour Market Adjustment and Integration, Work and Climate Change 
Vandergeest , PeterDepartment of Geography Geography , Environment , Southeast Asia, Political Ecology, Agrofood Systems, Cultural Politics of Development, Environmental Certification, Southeast Asia, Thailand. 
Young , Douglas G.Department of Social Science Urban Planning/Design , Geography , Legacies of Socialist and Post-socialist Cities  
Young , Kathy LynnDepartment of Geography Geography , Environment , Arctic Hydrology, Arctic Wetland Hydrology, Extreme Environments 

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