Interest : History

Name School Interests
Anderson , Katharine MaryDepartment of Humanities History , Science and Technology , History of Science, Victorian Studies, Environmental History  
Bonnell , Jennifer L.Department of History History , Environment , Public History and Collective Memory, Animal History, Urban History, Canadian History 
Brooke , Stephen JDepartment of History History , Social, cultural and political history of 20th Century Britain 
Cohen , Elizabeth S.Department of History History , Women , Early Modern Italy; Social, Cultural, Gender 
Cohen , Thomas VDepartment of History Department of Humanities History , Anthropology , The Political and Cultural Anthropology of Early Modern Italy, Historical Narrative as an Art, Language and Consciousness in Early Modern Italian Society , Language, gesture, ritual and transactional style. In general, the social and cultural anthropology of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially in Italy. Microhistory and experimental historical writing  
Comninel , George CDepartment of Politics Philosophy , History , Political Theory in Historical and Social Context, Politics, Ideology, and Class in the French Revolution, Marxist Theory, Theories of Historical State Formation and Economic Development, Revolutions and Revolutionary Theories, Feudalism 
Davies , Megan JDepartment of Social Science History , Health history, BC history, rural health, women and health, poor law and welfare state, old age, madness 
Durston , Alan T.Department of History History , Anthropology , Latin America, Peru 
Edmondson , Jonathan CharlesDepartment of History History , Classics , Society, economy and culture of Roman Spain (especially Lusitania) from the late Iron Age to the late Roman Empire, Roman epigraphy, especially of the Roman Empire, Gladiators in Roman society, the Roman family  
Evans , PaulSchool of Administrative Studies Accounting , History , Economics, Medieval Celtic Studies 
Gekas , AthanasiosDepartment of History History , Economic, Modern Greece / Mediterranean, British colonialism, Migration and Diaspora 
Hirji , Zulfikar A.Department of Anthropology Anthropology , History , Islam and Muslim Societies, Visual Anthropology, Anthropology of the Senses 
Jenkins , William M.Department of Geography Immigration , History , Geography, Transnational Studies, Nationalism 
Kheraj , Sean RDepartment of History History , Environment , Energy, Cities, Animals 
Lee , Becky RDepartment of Humanities History , Religion , Gender 
Lovejoy , Paul EDepartment of History History , African Studies , Culture and Cultural Studies, Race and Racism, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Slavery; African Economic 
Martel , MarcelDepartment of History Politics and Government , History , Social Regulation, Social Actors and Public Policies, Drug Regulation and State Policies, State Surveillance, Resistance and Strategies 
McKenzie , AndreaWriting Department Writing , History , First World War, L.M. Montgomery 
Musto , MarcelloDepartment of Sociology Philosophy , History , Marxism; History of Political Thought; Alienation Theories., Political Science , Sociology  
Neill , DeborahDepartment of History History , Culture and Cultural Studies , Modern European Colonialism/Modern Atlantic World, History of Trade in West Africa, History of Medicine 
Podruchny , CarolynDepartment of History Indigenous Peoples , History , The meeting of Europeans, particularly French, and indigenous peoples, particularly Algonquian-speakers, in the North American fur trade. I focus on cultural, social, gender, labour, and environmental questions, Early Canadian history, Metis history, fur trade history 
Reisenleitner , MarkusDepartment of Humanities Culture and Cultural Studies , History , Film and Fashion, Digital Humanities 
Schotte , Margaret E.Department of History History , Science and Technology , Early Modern Science, Book History, Maritime History 
Steinisch , IrmgardDepartment of History History , Modern Germany, Diplomatic relations , Social-Economic History 
Sturino , FrancDepartment of History History , Canada, Migration Studies, Italian History, Ethnicity 
Wicken , William CraigDepartment of History History , Indigenous Peoples , Law, Native & Colonial North America 
Widmer , AlexandraDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology , History , Anthropology of Science, Medicine and Technology, Anthropology of Reproduction, Anthropology of Colonialism 

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