Interest : Law and Justice

Name School Interests
Coombe , RosemaryDepartment of Anthropology Department of Social Science Law and Justice , Cultural, political, and social implications of intellectual property laws 
Doorey , DavidSchool of Human Resource Management Law and Justice , Labour , Industrial Relations, Labour and the Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility 
Fisher , RogerDepartment of Humanities Law and Justice , Classics , Law, History, Literature and Culture, Neo-Latin Literature 
Frederiksen , SorenSchool of Public Policy and Administration Law and Justice , Science and Technology , Public Policy, Science Policy 
Hanson , BarbaraDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Law and Justice , Aging, Women's issues, Health 
Jacobs , Lesley AlanDepartment of Social Science Human Rights , Law and Justice , Public Policy, Health and Human Rights, Access to Justice 
Krikorian , JacquelineDepartment of Politics Department of Social Science Politics and Government , Law and Justice  
Kwak , LauraDepartment of Social Science Multiculturalism , Law and Justice , Racial Governmentality, Critical Race Jurisprudence, Critical Race Feminism 
Lunny , Allyson MDepartment of Social Science Sexuality , Law and Justice , Hate Crime/ Hate Speech, Critical Psychoanalysis, Representation & Law 
Visano , LivyDepartment of Equity Studies Human Rights , Law and Justice , Impact of Ideology on Institutions and Identity, Social Inequality and Research Methods, Youth 

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