Interest : Philosophy

Name School Interests
Andrews , Kristin ADepartment of Philosophy Philosophy , Psychology , Animal Cognition, Scientific Methodology, Social Cognition, Folk Psychology 
Breaugh , MartinDepartment of Politics Politics and Government , Philosophy , History of Political Thought, Political Freedom and Emancipation, Contemporary French Political Theory, Democratic Theory, XIXth Century France (including the French Revolution), Plebeian Politics, the Political Theory of Oligarchy 
Comninel , George CDepartment of Politics Philosophy , History , Political Theory in Historical and Social Context, Politics, Ideology, and Class in the French Revolution, Marxist Theory, Theories of Historical State Formation and Economic Development, Revolutions and Revolutionary Theories, Feudalism 
Gilbert , Michael ADepartment of Philosophy Philosophy , Gender Issues , Critical Reasoning, Argumentation Theory, Informal Logic 
Gottschling , VerenaDepartment of Philosophy Philosophy , Psychology , Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Evolutionary Psychology 
Keeping , JosephDepartment of Humanities Department of Philosophy Psychology , Philosophy , Phenomenology, Existentialism, Philosophy of Mind (especially emotions and embodiment) 
Latchford , FrancesSchool of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Philosophy , Sexuality , Feminist Social and Political Philosophies that encompass Continental, Psychoanalytic, Poststructural, (Post)Colonial, Queer and Transgender theories, Drag Performance, and Critcal Adoption and Family Studies, Subjectivities, Identities, Knowledge Production, Critical Ontologies and Epistemologies 
MacLachlan , Alice C.Department of Philosophy Philosophy , Ethics , Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Law 
McArthur , DanielDepartment of Philosophy Philosophy , Science and Technology , Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Naturalism, Realism Debate 
Musto , MarcelloDepartment of Sociology Philosophy , History , Marxism; History of Political Thought; Alienation Theories., Political Science , Sociology  
Orr , DeborahDepartment of Humanities Philosophy , Ethics , Philosophy of Mindfulness, Application of Mindfulness to Anti-oppressive Pedagogy and Praxis 
Ranganathan , ShyamDepartment of Philosophy Philosophy , Translation , Ethics, Political Philosophy, South Asian Philosophy, Truth, Objectivity 
Scott , SonyaDepartment of Social Science Economics , Philosophy , Theories of Subjectivity, Language and Economics, Crises of Capitalism 
Shanker , Stuart Philosophy , Psychology , Self-regulation, Developmental disorders, Educational Theory 
Valihora , KarenDepartment of English English , Philosophy , Judgment, Aesthetics, Pastoral 
Vernon , JimDepartment of Philosophy Philosophy , 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, esp. Hegel and post-war French Philosophy, Post-Structuralism, Emancipatory Politics 

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