Interest : Politics and Government

Name School Interests
Breaugh , MartinDepartment of Politics Politics and Government , Philosophy , History of Political Thought, Political Freedom and Emancipation, Contemporary French Political Theory, Democratic Theory, XIXth Century France (including the French Revolution), Plebeian Politics, the Political Theory of Oligarchy 
Constantinou , PeterSchool of Public Policy and Administration Politics and Government , Policy , Political Acuity, Public Sector Management and Strategy, Government Relations 
Drummond , Robert JDepartment of Politics School of Public Policy and Administration Policy , Politics and Government , Public policy, Provincial politics 
Henders , Susan JDepartment of Politics Politics and Government , Asian/Pacific Studies , Non-state Actors and Diplomacies in Global Politics, Human Rights and Minority Rights, Substate Nationalisms and Territorial Politics 
Krikorian , JacquelineDepartment of Politics Department of Social Science Politics and Government , Law and Justice  
Latham , Robert E.Department of Politics Communications , Politics and Government , Interested in borders, sovereignty, political economy environmental studies, politics of new media, critical theories of conflict, civil society, transnational politics, governance, intervention // Anarchism, spatial politics, democracy, political ecology, knowledge, post-nationality, temporality, materialism, mediality, international sociology and IR, imperialism and empire, state theory; collective action, human rights and international law; culture and conflict, global politics; world order, liberalism // Israel-Palestine, Africa, North America, Arctic, Political Theory 
Martel , MarcelDepartment of History Politics and Government , History , Social Regulation, Social Actors and Public Policies, Drug Regulation and State Policies, State Surveillance, Resistance and Strategies 
Mekouar , MerouanDepartment of Social Science Politics and Government , International Relations 
Ross , Stephanie AnnDepartment of Social Science Labour , Politics and Government , Union Democracy and Structure, Social Unionism and Union Renewal, The Politics of Global Justice Movements, Public Sector Unionism, Anti-poverty Organizing 
Saunders , Richard GDepartment of Politics African Studies , Politics and Government , Development Political Economy, Extractive Resources, Civil Society and Democratisation 
Smardon , Bruce JDepartment of Politics Industrial and Technological Development , Politics and Government , Canadian Political Economy, The State and Technological Development  
Smith , MiriamDepartment of Social Science Politics and Government , Sexuality , LGBT Politics in Canada and the U.S., public policy, political institutions & institutionalism, public law & federalism, social movements,  
Soennecken , DagmarSchool of Public Policy and Administration Department of Social Science Politics and Government , Policy , Comparative law and politics, law and society, Migration (esp. refugees) and citizenship, national security, gender, social movements, First Nations 
Wood , Lesley JuliaDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Politics and Government , social movements, political sociology, globalization, diffusion, global justice movement, transnational movements, repression, civic engagement, internationalism, deliberation 

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