Interest : Race and Racism

Name School Interests
Agnew , Vijay NDepartment of Social Science Women , Race and Racism , Feminist theory with particular emphasis on racism, History of Asian, African, and Caribbean women in Canada; South Asian women;, Violence against immigrant women, and NGOs of immigrant women 
Badwall , HarjeetSchool of Social Work Race and Racism , Social Work , Racial and colonial discourses in Social Work, Anti-Violence (Intimate partner violence, racialized violence, systemic oppression), Critical theory and social work practice, critical narrative therapy approaches 
Chatterjee , SomaSchool of Social Work Immigration , Race and Racism , Knowledge production in critical social work, international social work, politics in South Asia and South Asian diaspora 
Foster , LorneDepartment of Equity Studies School of Public Policy and Administration Multiculturalism , Race and Racism , Political Economy, Youth, Public Policy Analysis 
Hayden , WilburnSchool of Social Work Human Rights , Race and Racism , Black Canadians, Appalachia and Black Appalachians, Professional Orientation, Leadership, and Curriculum 
Kempadoo , KamalaDepartment of Social Science Latin American and Caribbean Studies , Race and Racism , sexual labour and transactional sex, human trafficking 
Kernerman , GeraldDepartment of Politics Multiculturalism , Race and Racism , Critical Border, Migration, and Refugee Studies, Nationalism and Identity Politics, Social & Political Thought 
Krishnamurti , SailajaDepartment of Humanities Religion , Race and Racism , South Asia and South Asian diasporas, youth culture, identity, and popular culture, comics, graphic novels, and visual culture 
Lawrence , BonitaDepartment of Equity Studies Indigenous Peoples , Race and Racism , Aboriginal People and the Criminal Justice System, Federally Unrecognized Native Communities , Urban, non-status and Metis identitities 
Maiter , SarahSchool of Social Work Race and Racism , Children and Youth , Child Welfare practice and policy for diverse communities , Minority youth and their development, Anti-oppressive, anti racist practice; Mental Health practice and policy for diverse ethno-racial groups 

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