Interest : Sociology

Name School Interests
Bischoping , KatherineDepartment of Sociology Culture and Cultural Studies , Sociology , Qualitative Methods, Narrative Analysis, Oral History 
Darroch , Arthur G LDepartment of Sociology Population Studies , Sociology , Canadian and Comparative Social and Population History , population history; social history , social mobility; inequality; ethnicity 
Davidson , Deborah ADepartment of Sociology Sociology , Disability/Accessibility , Tattoos, Qualitative Methodology, Lifecourse, Motherhood, Death, Bereavement, Commemoration 
Goldring , LuinDepartment of Sociology Immigration , Sociology , Citizenship and non-citizenship, Precarious work, Transnational migration 
Grayson , PaulDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Education , University Student Experiences 
Hanson , BarbaraDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Law and Justice , Aging, Women's issues, Health 
Jacobs , MerleDepartment of Equity Studies Health , Sociology , women, political economy 
Kyriakides , ChristopherDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Anthropology , Political Science; Refugee Studies; Ethno-Racialization, Nationalism, Anti-immigration; Social Death & Citizenship; Migration Geopolitics, Culture and Communication 
McGuire , Wendy LynnSchool of Social Work Social Work , Sociology , Art and Activism, LGBT+ Social Movements, Critical Pedagogy 
Mianda , GertrudeSchool of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Women , Sociology , Gender, Development and Globalization (including gender in armed conflict zones in Africa), Gender and Post Colonialism ( Africa), Immigration (Francophone African immigrant in Canada) 
Musto , MarcelloDepartment of Sociology Philosophy , History , Marxism; History of Political Thought; Alienation Theories., Political Science , Sociology  
Mykhalovskiy , EricDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Health , HIV/AIDS, Public Health and the Criminal Law, Institutional Ethnography 
Nijhawan , MichaelDepartment of Sociology Anthropology , Sociology , Diaspora Formations & Transnational Migration, South Asian Religions, Violence, Suffering, and Culture 
Oikawa , MonaDepartment of Equity Studies Sociology , Gender Issues , Critical race studies, Cultural studies 
Reiter , EsterSchool of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Women , Sociology , Secular Jewish left in Canada; Immigrant Women; Gender, Race and Ethnicity; Left Politics, the Cold War and the War on Terror; Women and Work 
Weir , LornaDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Health , Social Theory, Science and Technology Studies , Feminist Theory; Sexuality and Human Reproduction; Government and Textuality; Sociology of Language. 
Wood , Lesley JuliaDepartment of Sociology Sociology , Politics and Government , social movements, political sociology, globalization, diffusion, global justice movement, transnational movements, repression, civic engagement, internationalism, deliberation 

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